BEVERLY HILLS—The United States Conference of Mayors (USCM) unanimously adopted a resolution to encourage cities across the country to create health and wellness programs, in recognition of Beverly Hills Mayor Lili Bosse’s Healthy City Initiative. The resolution passed Monday, June 26, at the 85th annual U.S. Conference of Mayors meeting in Miami, according to a press release from Therese Kosterman, Public Information Manager for the city.

“I was thrilled that the other mayors embraced the Healthy City program,” Mayor Bosse said. “Several mayors personally told me that they intend to start a Walk with the Mayor program and many others were very excited about our B.O.L.D. initiative. Health and wellness as public policy is an idea whose time has come.”

Mayor Bosse’s program, which operates under the social media hashtag “#bhhealthycity,” involves three approaches to healthy living: Healthy People, Healthy Business, and Healthy Government. More than 100 people attend her weekly Walk With the Mayor, which takes place every Monday morning. Participants visit and learn about local businesses, public art, and historical landmarks. They are given the opportunity to speak with the mayor one-on-one about topics pertaining to the city.

The mayor’s S.O.U.L. Sessions, or Seek Original Unique Learning, address personal health through techniques that have proven to be beneficial to hearts, minds, and bodies. Mayor Bosse has partnered with world-famous spiritual leader and integrative health advocate Dr. Deepak Chopra, who led a group meditation for more than 1,000 people on May 12. The next S.O.U.L. Session, a family yoga lesson, will be held on Sunday, August 13. A Beverly Hills page has been created on Dr. Chopra’s JIYO, a smart phone platform that measures users’ activities and progress and promotes overall health through articles and lectures.

Mayor Bosse also intends to create a healthy business community through her B.O.L.D. initiative, Businesses Open Later Days, which will launch in August and bring new energy to Beverly Hills in the evenings. Beverly Hills stores typically close by 6 p.m., but Mayor Bosse aims to have business owners keep their stores open later to provide activities for residents. She believes the B.O.L.D. program will ultimately change the city’s culture, through events such as live music or outdoor dining.

The mayor attends various meetings and events and makes herself available to build a relationship with her community. She believes that more transparency and openness lead to a healthy government.

According to the press release, the resolution adopted by the USCM includes specific parts of the Healthy City initiative, such as health and wellness programs; innovative policies that focus on the individual, business community, and local government; programs such as the citizens’ Sunshine Taskforce to promote transparency in the government; and bringing residents and businesses together to generate a stronger local economy for prosperity and quality of life.

The resolution concludes with the USCM recognizing the efforts Beverly Hills has undertaken to encourage a Healthy City approach. The UCSM will encourage all cities to develop initiatives to advance community health and wellness, according to the resolution.

The United States Conference of Mayors is an organization that sets policy objectives as the collective voice of municipalities and their leaders. The group evaluates and influences public policy and takes on studies on issues related to their special interests, such as Homeland Security and economic recovery.