UNITED STATES—Going online is now becoming the preferred option of many when doing activities and even when running some errands. This is also the case in terms of playing casino games and placing their sports bet. It’s easy to understand why as online gambling is simply convenient and more accessible than having to travel to casinos and bookies.

The United States certainly has a lot of potentials when it comes to becoming the biggest online gambling market worldwide. Currently, the United Kingdom has this title but the US can catch up with the country in the future. This is especially now that the US is becoming more welcoming to gambling activities like online casino gaming and sports betting.

On a federal level, all states are allowed to decide on whether they would like to legalize and regulate any forms of gambling activities. When it comes to sports betting, this became the case in May 2018 when the Supreme Court of the US has stricken down the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA) of 1992. Since then, states like Delaware, Illinois, Iowa, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and many more have moved towards regulating this sort of gambling activity.

However, when it comes to casino gaming alone, there are states with sports betting regulations that still don’t allow it. Since there is no law the prohibits Americans from gambling online, many then resort to these websites. They would check the 10CRIC online casino guide and casino terms or reviews of offshore casinos to find the right gambling website for them.

How the Pandemic Affected Online Casinos

Now, even if this is what’s happening in the majority of states in the US, it is still likely that online casino gaming will boom over the next few years. The pandemic has somehow boosted the interest of not only the people but also the local state governments in iGaming. Just like how things were with sports betting, many are now realizing how much the US is losing from offshore online casinos.

At some point last year, sports betting completely suffered from the impact of the pandemic. Many major sports events were either canceled and postponed, and for a while, bookies just didn’t have much sports odds to offer. This was mainly when many started to go on online casinos.

The CEO of Zamedia Nevada, Erik King, spoke about how during the pandemic, the company experienced a surge of traffic on their online properties. King said, “Like everyone, casino industry workers were concerned about the uncertainty and duration of the lockdowns put in place.

“With most of our properties online, we were pleased to see traffic surge as casino aficionados showed their willingness to give the digital versions of their favorite games a chance.” He said that he also saw similar trends across their global network.

King added, “One trend of interest was that we saw similar gains in New Zealand and Australia with our KiwiSlots brand. These areas didn’t experience the same impact felt in outer jurisdictions, but still fell in line with the global shift towards online and mobile gambling offerings.”

The Present and Future

Not only sports betting is getting bigger in the US at the moment. Some states are not only targeting to regulate sports betting but are also working on legalizing online casino gaming. The state of Connecticut is a great example of this.

Recently, the CT legislature already passed a bill that legalizes retail and online sports betting, online casinos, and Daily Fantasy Sports. The bill won its recent final passage with a 28-6 vote in the Senate. CT Governor Ned Lamont then promised to sign the bill and immediately seek federal approval of necessary amendments.

Senate President Pro Tem Martin M. Looney, D-New Haven seemed happy about this and said, “This really is an important economic development bill. That’s what it is. This is worth celebrating to finally reach this point.”

And so, it’s just a matter of time before this state launches sports betting, online casinos, and DFS. It’s not impossible that more states will follow suit. Before the pandemic, there were already people who were pushing for legal online casino gaming and sports betting. However, the push got stronger since the pandemic as many states economically suffered from its impact.

Even if the pandemic is not yet over, many states are already working on finding ways to recover from the health crisis. It is likely that more states will look into allowing the local operations of online casinos this year and even in the coming years. This is why sports betting investors are now betting on online casino expansions in the country as well.