UC Doctors Stage Unprecedented Strike

WESTWOOD—For the first time in 25 years, fully licensed doctors staged a strike against a United States employer.

On Tuesday, January 27, University of California student health care doctors walked from their offices to picket lines in a one-day protest of alleged unfair labor practices. Doctors of student health centers unionized in 2013, and have been negotiating with University of California officials for over a year.

UC Medical
UCLA’s Ashe Center was one of several picketing locations across California.

During the negotiation process, organizers are claiming that the UC system took unfair liberties with employees during negotiations.

Tuesday’s strike was also the first in the 43-year history of the Union of American Physicians and Dentists, as picketers gathered at UCLA’s Ashe Student Health and Wellness Center in an effort to support a satisfactory negotiation process.

In addition to the demonstration at UCLA, picketers gathered at UC San Diego, UC Berkeley, and UC Davis.