WESTWOOD—Health-affecting amounts of lead have been discovered in parks around Los Angeles and surrounding areas after a UCLA study from students in the Center for Environmental Research and Community Engagement (CERCE), led by Jennifer Jay, was conducted. As of May 2016, the students collected soil samples from 66 parks.

The Daily Bruin reported that, from the data collected from CERCE, 17 parks have lead concentrations higher than the California health standard of 80 parts per million. A nearby recreational center, Media Park in Culver City, has the highest concentration of lead measuring at 330.52 parts per million.

The Los Angeles County Health Agency stated that lead has a negative effect on the brain, kidneys, liver and other organs. Children and pregnant women are at higher risk. Lead poisoning can affect a kid’s growth, learning, and behavior. For pregnant women, lead poisoning can cause high blood pressure, premature birth, or miscarriage.

The Daily Bruin reported that major sources of lead contamination are old railway systems, old cars and small plants.

CERCE plans to publish and distribute the collected data to the community once it is complete in May.