UNITED STATES—On Thursday, May 28 authorities held a press conference announcing the arrest of Peter Manfredonia.

With the combined efforts of local state police, alongside the FBI and U.S Marshalls, the suspect wanted in connection to two Connecticut murders was captured in Hagerstown, Maryland on Wednesday, May 27.

According to an official statement by authorities, Manfredonia walked out of the woods behind a Maryland truck stop where authorities were holding a briefing regarding the case.

“He went to the ground. He did not resist and absolutely no force was used to affect the arrest,” said Lt. Michael Pendleton, commander of the Central District Major Crime Squad,  during the press conference.

He is currently in Maryland awaiting a waived extradition to Connecticut following his decision to represent himself, according to WTNH. Manfredonia’s family attorney, Michael Dolan expects him to be returned to Connecticut no later than June 8.

Before his arrest, surveillance footage revealed a man matching his description in a Pennsylvania convenience store. The man took an Uber to leave Hagerstown, Maryland.

The multi-state manhunt for the suspect began on Friday, May 22, in Willington, Connecticut. Local authorities connected the suspect to the death of 62 year-old Theodore DeMers and severely injuring another man with “an edged weapon.” The following day, he took firearms and a vehicle from a Derby home, where the resident did not suffer any physical injuries.

He was involved in the death of a former Newton high school classmate, Nicholas Eisele, 23. This was before kidnapping the latter’s girlfriend and leaving her with the former couple’s car in New Jersey.

On Sunday video footage revealed he traveled to East Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania where he was seen walking along some railroad tracks. On Monday, GoFundMe pages for both Eisele’s family and DeMers family were created following the victims’ deaths. Eisele’s brother described his brother’s love for his work, animals, and his girlfriend to CT Insider.

“He threw himself into everything he loved,” his brother said.

Cynthia DeMers expressed to NBC Connecticut her relief in regards to Manfredonia’s apprehension. “I’m glad he’s not able to hurt anybody else,” DeMers said.

“I was there and I was with him when he passed, reassuring him he would be ok,” DeMers said. “And I know he’s at peace and he’s ok.”