UNITED STATES—The UEFA Nations League has already begun. The third UEFA Nations League, which began on 4 June and ends on 26 September, kicks off in June. Then, one year later, the tournament finals will take place. We answer the most important questions about the 2022/23 Nations League.

What is the UEFA Nations League?

The Nations League is a tournament organized by the UEFA European Football Association in a light European league system. The idea behind the Nations League: it is always competitive and there are no grueling tests. The UEFA competition was first held in 2018 and since then a new season has been held every two years, featuring online betting.

How does Nations League 2022/23 work?

The Nations League features teams from all 55 UEFA members divided into four leagues.

As in the previous competition, the A, B and C leagues have 16 teams competing in four groups of four, which are drawn beforehand. In League D, the remaining seven teams play in two groups – one with four teams and the other with three teams.

In each league group, all teams play each other twice – once in front of a home crowd and once away. The four group winners of League A advance to the final round where they play the winner of the UEFA Nations League.

In leagues B, C and D, the four group winners will be promoted to the next higher league. In addition, the four last-place teams in leagues A and B are relegated to the next lower league and the four last-place teams in league C have to play in the so-called “play-outs”. As in typical relegation matches, the two losers in these matches are relegated – to League D.

Due to Russia’s full-scale military invasion of Ukraine, the team from the aggressor country was suspended. Russia will automatically finish last in their Liga B group and will be relegated to the bottom division. The Ukraine national team will play in League B, where their opponents in the group will be teams from Scotland, Ireland and Armenia.

The format of the League of Nations

All teams play each other at home and away. The winners of the four groups of the A-League will advance to the Nations League final, which takes place in June 2023, i.e.

  • semifinals;
  • third-place match;
  • finals.

The group winners of Ligue B, C and D will move up the league. The teams finishing last in Ligue A and B will be relegated in the live betting Vulkan. As there are four groups in League C and two in League D, only two teams will be relegated from League C. Which ones will be drawn in the knock-out rounds in March 2024.

Dates of National League games -2022/23

  • Tours 1 and 2: 2-7 June 2022;
  • Tours 3 and 4: 9-14 June 2022;
  • Tours 5 and 6: 22-27 September 2022;
  • Finals: 14-18 June 2023;
  • C-League tie-breaks: 21-23 and 24-26 March 2024.