UNITED STATES—I’m pretty sure we live in a world where me comparing people on welfare to rats will cause more anger than the fact that UNCLE SAM pays millions of people in America to live and breed like rats! Dirty homes, spreading disease, a new generation that’s more deteriorated than the previous.

The Office of Adolescent Heath reports teenage pregnancies have decreased by more than 50% since 1991. Yet there were still 249,000 children born to teen mothers in 2014 alone, according to the CDC. The same report shows that in 2010, teenage pregnancies cost taxpayers $9.4 BILLION. Further research from 2014 informs us that 1 out of 6 teenage pregnancies were to mothers who already had one or more children.

Society is funding the proliferation of these households just as they condone the labeling of those who need help. Forgive me for saying the truth, but people get WAY MORE upset that someone is CALLED a retard, than about the fact that childhood abuse in the familial home is BREEDING a SIGNIFICANT amount of emotionally, socially, and/or mentally retarded children.

In raw and unrestricted terms – it means parents are creating retarded children. Taxpayers are forced to watch and keep paying.


We have people succumbing to WELFARE AS A CULTURE and teaching it as a lifestyle to their future generations.

People brag about food stamp increases while blocking the aisle, back turned to kids being a nuisance. OR WORSE, a baby with little eyes that look like they’ve been crying for days. A baby that KNOWS BETTER than to make a peep, even if his or her diaper is dirty and they are hungry as hell. Indoctrinated by what happens “when we get home.”

These abusing parents are receiving an allowance for housing, and many times opt for the more dangerous neighborhoods instead of a rental apartment in a safer place, just to have an extra $100 in their pocket. “Shopping” the food banks weekly: getting what handouts they can, before going and spending food stamps.

Organizations keep popping up to FEED THESE HUNGRY. You hear them begging for money on the radio.

The problem? YOUR tax obligations already DID contribute to the BILLIONS of dollars in food stamps to feed these families, but because UNCLE SAM enables squandering, people keep BREEDING LIKE RATS and we  keep feeding them.

It is no wonder that begging has become a universal trait, we have several generations observing their parents EASILY beg for more. You all remember that parents PROGRAM children right? Watching IS learning.

Here’s what I’ve observed as a lifelong resident of a place that urbandictionary.com describes as: “Imagine Hell, then make it cold.

I have observed men speak openly about how getting women pregnant was the way to keep them. Then I saw a lot of them have and abandon babies, leaving women who never finished school to sacrifice their self respect for welfare.

What happens next? The deadbeat father keeps her under control by taking part in single-mother bashing: calling her whore and welfare scum because she did the only thing she knew to put food in the stomach of her child: beg.

Parents on welfare are allowed to squander money on frivolous items like tattoos, fingernails, and overpriced sneakers, but instead of using that same money for a $5 bottle of children’s Tylenol, they will take a state-paid cab two-ways to go get a free prescription from the doctor.

I HAVE SEEN IT, I KNOW.  It must be hard buying $5 medicine for a baby when cigarettes are $10 a pack, right?

DO ALL people who get welfare do this? OF COURSE NOT. There are too many who DO though, and for the lives of these children whose parents see them as nothing more than a means for gain, life can be hopeless.

In 2004, a National Poverty Study at the University of Michigan noted that PTSD and DEPRESSION were “more prevalent than drug and alcohol dependence among welfare recipients.”

Think about some other things we know…

We know SEXUAL VIOLENCE AND RAPE are common in refugee camps, and during the “aftermath of natural disasters and other humanitarian crises.”

Think that has nothing to do with the lifestyle of a generational welfare home? THINK AGAIN!

There are an estimated 10 million incest survivors in America, and INCEST is the “most common” form of child abuse according to New York City Alliance Against Sexual Assault.

We know that the rates of mental illness, incest, alcoholism, drug use, and violence are MORE COMMON IN POVERTY STRICKEN HOMES. That means for the children in these places, LIFE IS LIKE a humanitarian camp.

Growing up like a rat, receiving free cages and food. Indoctrinated, labeled, and with no EFFORT or care put into their future. Nothing to look forward to.

I keep telling you people, something has to change, and IT’S ALL RELATIVE!

Lastly, I would like to give you food for thought…

In 2007, Gloucestershire, England received 2 months of rain within 14 hours. Everyone was stuck inside and just as many centuries of evidence has shown us: when people are stuck with nothing to do: there was a BABY BOOM.

So, if IDLE HANDS are the DEVIL’S TOOL, what are their reproductive organs?