UNITED STATES—Traveling to Las Vegas can be exciting as well as intimidating. For first time travelers, the city offers a wealth of entertainment. So much so, that visitors often become overwhelmed when trying to decide which casinos to visit and what games to play. With over 104 casinos to choose from, the area is ripe with gaming activity!

So, how do you plan the best trip possible? Taking time to consider the games you wish to play and your location in Las Vegas is the quickest way to an enjoyable stay in Sin City!

Casino Games You Love

When traveling to Las Vegas for casino gaming action, you want to plan your trip around the games you enjoy. To get the most out of the experience, you should look for casinos that offer a wide range of games.

Take the game of roulette for example. If you enjoy this table game, the Cosmopolitan would be a top choice for travel. The casino offers several roulette gaming options with low betting limits. If you are a high roller, the higher max betting limits can be found at the Palazzo.

The Las Vegas survey written by the experts at OUSC, is a wonderful resource when it comes to finding table games at specific locations. By reviewing the Las Vegas Table Games portion of the survey, you can find the right casinos to visit for your game play needs. All table game types are listed to help players plan an epic Las Vegas trip!

Review casino locations, minimum and maximum betting limits along with the number of tables and additional information to plan the perfect gaming experience.

Location, Location, Location

When traveling to Sin City, consideration must be given to where you are staying. If you have the means to stay at a casino, then plan your trip to include accommodations at one of the casinos you wish to visit. If you are staying at a standard hotel, then you will have a more enjoyable trip if you plan your gameplay based on location.

For example, if you are staying in South Vegas, it will be easier to visit casinos in this area rather than trying to travel to the northern section of the city. The roadways can be quite busy and when traveling by taxi or uber, it can be expensive.

There are several sections of Las Vegas that offer gaming, including the south, north and central areas along with downtown and off-strip options. By learning more about these areas of the city, you can plan your trip with minimal travel and still enjoy top-rated casinos.

Let’s say you are staying in the Downtown Las Vegas area. The best casinos in this region include the Golden Nugget and the Plaza. If you are a blackjack fan, you definitely want to visit the Golden Nugget. The casino offers the largest high limit salon in the city.

Players can access $50 double and six-deck blackjack games that offer double down before and after splitting. With over 30 tables in play, the Golden Nugget is a must for all blackjack players!

Considering the types of games you enjoy as well as your accommodation location will help to create a wonderful Las Vegas experience. With the right traveling plans, you can spend time in the glittering city, playing your favorite casino games and hopefully earning a jackpot or two along the way!