SANTA MONICA—The City of Santa Monica has announced that a college preparation seminar called “Launch to College” will take place on Thursday, August 6.

Teen LAUNCH, a company that focuses on “inspiring college-bound students to create the life they truly want,” will run the seminar. The speakers will be Nick Soper and Kristine Tye. Soper is an “independent college counselor” who has a background in film and creative writing; he also founded Creative College Prep. Tye is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist who focuses on anxiety treatment and the mental health of teenagers.

The seminar is aimed at members of the graduating classes of 2020 and 2021, as well as their parents. Topics that will be covered and explained by Soper and Tye include:

  • “how to stay on top of a rapidly changing admissions landscape,”
  • “how to make your time sheltering in place count for applications,” and
  • “how the Teen LAUNCH summer college checklist will get you ahead of the game when senior year begins.”

Questions about the event should be directed to Stephanie Archer of the City of Santa Monica at The announcement can be viewed at and the session can be accessed at