WOODLAND HILLS— On July 29, the SoCal chain Urban Plates began advertising their newly remodeled and expanded patio area at their Woodland Hills location for patrons to enjoy their food while socially distancing.

Urban Plates prides themselves on creating “a place where high-quality meals are served fast at prices that won’t break the bank, all in a setting where you can see your food being prepared and have a voice in customizing it to your individual tastes,” stated on their website. The restaurant began in California where it has 16 locations around the state and one coming soon in Sunnyvale.

They also have expanded to three locations in Washington D.C. with plans to open up locations in New York and Illinois within the year.

In an Instagram post, they promote the newly done patio that allows for customers to enjoy the Al Fresco dining experience, the Italian derived word for outdoor eating.


Most locations in California— with the exception of the San Diego locations that still allow indoor dining— are open for outdoor dining to go along the with the ordinance of closing indoor dining in the beginning of July due to a spike in COVID cases.

The Woodland Hills area has two locations: one at 21857 Ventura Blvd., and another at 162 W. Hillcrest Drive in Thousand Oaks.

The Thousand Oaks location is set to reopen on August 3 with its own extended patio as well.