SANTA MONICA—USPS announced Wednesday, April 13, that they will resume mail delivery service in a neighborhood where assaults against carriers recently took place.

A suspension of service for the 1300 block of 14th street was initiated after three separate assaults involving three separate USPS employees transpired. According to SMPD, only one crime report was officially made and one carrier declined to press charges. 

One carrier was hit with a wooden broom stick and sustained minor injuries to his arm back in January 19. The details surrounding the other two incidents are currently unknown. 

The suspect is currently serving time in jail for an unrelated vandalism charge. 38-year-old Devon Morgan was described as “incoherent and angry” by more than one individual around the time of the incident. In an interview with CBSLA, Jim Price who is a neighbor, stated that Morgan, “walks around with a golf club over his back” and that “it’s very threatening to people.”

Price also told the news station that he reported Morgan to the police on multiple occasions and was arrested only to be released later. According to some reports obtained by CBSLA, the suspect has also been known to harass nearby business employees. 

USPS said in a statement that conditions on the route will be reviewed continuously to ensure the safety of its employees. They also stated that they are aware of the issues that caused the temporary suspension of delivery and they are in consultation with the Santa Monica Police Department.