SANTA MONICA—Utility boxes along Lincoln Boulevard were recently beautified as part of the Lincoln Neighborhood Corridor (LiNC) Plan.

Students from Olympic High and artists from Beautify Earth partnered with coordinators from the LiNC Plan to transform six utility boxes from urban eye sores into aesthetically pleasing works of art. With the support of local businesses and neighborhood associations, such as Ocean Park Association, Friends of Sunset Park, and Pico Neighborhood Association, these students and artists were able to translate six distinct themes across different utility boxes. The project is the pilot program of the LiNC Plan.

The LiNC Plan “is currently evaluating a range of both short-term and long-term enhancements” to the public right of way on Lincoln Boulevard between the I-10 Freeway and the City limits at Ozone Avenue, according to the City of Santa Monica Planning & Community Development’s Department.

The LiNC Plan utilizes a strategy which balances tactical urbanism and the desire for “Pop-Up Placemaking” (such as the recently installed Utility Box Artwork) with long-range capital improvements, like new medians and crosswalks.

The plan uses both policy and program level recommendations to create a more functional and aesthetically pleasing pedestrian experience that is supported and/or managed by the local business community and property owners.

The Planning & Community Development Department further envisions that the LiNC PLan “will result in a comprehensive framework for the overall enhancement of the Boulevard, and will weave together phased physical design improvements to the streetscape and right-of-way with policy and program level recommendations for balancing vehicle flow and demand.”

“The plan is envisioned to be a mixed-mode and livable street environment for pedestrians, transit and vehicles, the ability for bicycles to coexist with other modes on this busy boulevard has also been explored.  Once complete, portions of the Plan will be implemented incrementally as private and public funding allows creating a high quality streetscape and pedestrian environment that removes existing barriers, expands accessibility, increases pedestrian comfort, and improves public health among all non-motorized travelers.”

For a comprehensive breakdown of the goals and objects, milestones, and overall logistics of the LiNC plan, visit

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