BEVERLY HILLSBeverly Hills police are searching for the driver of a vehicle who allegedly attempted to run over a parking valet on Sunday, June 7 outside of The Stinking Rose restaurant on La Cienega Boulevard. The valet, whose name has not been released, alleges the customer spat in his face before getting in his vehicle and running him down.

The incident began when the customer was unable to produce the cash necessary to pay for the parking service. In an interview in which he declined to be named, the valet said he was carried on the hood of the car for nearly 30 feet before he was thrown to the ground.

Several other customers saw the incident as well as the general manager of The Stinking Rose, Stephen Lakis, said he had “Fear for [the valet’s] life.” The man was not injured during the encounter and later said he “Hopes [the driver] doesn’t do that to other people.”

Beverly Hills Police have obtained security footage from the restaurant and are currently reviewing it, but have not released it at this time. Investigators are asking the public for help in finding the driver. Witnesses say the man was driving a new black SL500 Mercedes-Benz with Keyes auto dealership plates.

The valet says that this is the second time in recent months that he was been attacked while on the job. Both incidents are currently under investigation by the Beverly Hills Police Department.