ENCINO—A lot people go to get a massage as a way of pampering themselves, but a lot of the time, those massages are not as effective as the customer expects. Well, if you’re looking for an experience unlike any other, than look no further than Valley Retreat Bodyworks.

Canyon News had the pleasure of speaking with Megan Rentas, the woman behind the company that specializes in effective massage therapy and with a team of skilled practitioners working with her, clients will indeed be happy with the service.

Megan noted that she got into massage therapy a little over 6 years ago, and it was something she was passionate about. She has been working on starting her own brick and mortar to continue her work of proving how various types of massages help people. It’s something that she finds rewarding. Rentas is a California State Certified Massage Therapist and has gained experience from Massage Envy and Burke Williams.

Megan informed Canyon News that she played sports all of her life, particularly soccer. She massage best what injuries she sustained and has experienced various methods of massage and physical therapy that help certain areas. “I’ve had injuries from shoulder (AC separation), pinched neck nerve, low back fracture, tore my quad in half, and understand the aches and pains from sports like calf cramps and sore feet. All that to say I actually know what pains in these areas feel like and what types of massage works best. I also add in stretches to my massage to help release deeper tensions if the client is comfortable with stretching,” said Rentas.

Megan Rentas, the face behind Valley Retreat Bodyworks.
Megan Rentas, the face behind Valley Retreat Bodyworks.

The company is launching their new location in Encino and thrilled to alert the public of their services. Rentas did not always know she wanted to work in the massage therapy industry. She indicated that she obtained one degree in archaeology from Boston University and another degree from UCL (University College London). She worked in museums, worked overseas and then came back to the states and found it difficult to find work. She did various jobs for a while before working on getting her massage degree. Megan learned that massage school was the best fit; it directly helps people.

When discussing what makes her business unique, Megan informed Canyon News, “We focus on detail work. Most stick to routine, but we are attentive to the client’s needs.” She noted that she never uses the forearm or elbows unless the client requests it during the massage. She utilizes her hands and clients love the pressure points (focused on) that they want to have hit. They offer services that include a full 30 or 60 minute massage. When asked what body part clients complain the most about, Rentas indicated “the neck, shoulders and lower back” tend to be troublesome for most clients.

When it comes to pricing, Valley Retreat Bodyworks offers a variety of services which include Swedish or deep tissue massages, prenatal massages and scalp or foot massages at affordable rates. They also have a membership program available for potential customers as well. Membership customers can receive a 30-minute massage starting at $33, while a 60-minute massage starts at $65.

“I have been given massage talents and abilities so I can use these gifts to help my clients. I have not been given these things for me, but to use them to the benefit of those I work on,” said Rentas. Megan acknowledged that massages reduce stress for clients. “They leave with the expression of calmness on their face; the client is more relaxed and it’s visible from the feedback we receive,” said Rentas. She added that the mental and physical stress is gone from the client after a massage from Valley Retreat Bodyworks.

Valley Retreat Bodyworks.
Valley Retreat Bodyworks.

“We want the client to know we care to give the best experience; room, style, music and the tables used. They are valued, treated well and get a great price,” said Rentas. The goal of Valley Retreat Bodyworks is to focus on the priority of (alleviating) pain and stress. They offer clients the space to focus on themselves and to make sure things are better. Valley Retreat Bodyworks wants the customer to leave knowing that their (focuses for the session were treated with value).

Clients looking to have a massage can place their booking online on the website www.ValleyRetreatBodyworks.com. The company is not yet able to accommodate bookings over the phone and no walk-ins are accepted. Valley Retreat Bodyworks is located at 18075 Venture Boulevard Encino, CA 91316. They are open 9 a.m. to 8:30 p.m. Monday-Saturday, and from 3:00 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. on Sundays. Those who mention Canyon News will save 50% off!