BRENTWOOD—A suspect known to vandalize cars on the 11600 block of Chayote St. in Brentwood is still on the loose.

Since 2016, an unknown individual, with the same handwriting, has repeatedly been etching words on people’s car windows. Statements such as “Trump is a 1st,” “Trump Nation,” or “Hil-liar-ry” have been found smudged on an array of vehicles lined up the block, including Lexus’, BMWs and Mercedes Benz’s.

Residents in the area have reported the incidents to the Los Angeles Police Department, who are keeping a close look-out for anyone suspicious persons or activity in the region. According to reports, the suspect engages in the vandalism during the late hours of the evening, when the street is clear and there are no witnesses in the area.

Fed-up with having to wipe the etchings off her car window every morning before going to work, one residential woman says she’s very sensitive about her brand new car and has “reached her limit with this person.”

Another resident of an apartment complex on the same street claims to have given up entirely on wiping the etchings off of her car due to mere exhaustion of having to do it over and over again.

Authorities have indicated they will keep vigil in the area, if the vandalism continues. If arrested, the culprit could face misdemeanor charges for vandalism of private property.