STUDIO CITY—The next installment of the monthly Vanity Pop art show, curated by local artist Vakseen, is coming to the Studio City location of the hip Mediterranean eatery Spitz this Thursday, September 24. The show will run from 7-10 p.m.

Otha Davis III, known as Vakseen, has been hosting the Vanity Pop shows at different Spitz locations regularly since May. The first event was a solo show, and every following month since he has gathered an eclectic group of up-and-coming artists, each bringing something unique to the melting pot of fine art and pop culture. September’s show features Kat Bing, Jim Pollock, Steve Martinez, and Vakseen himself. As usual, Mr. Numberonederful of the artists’ collective Cannibal Flower will be providing the music for the night.

"Layover in Moscow" by Kat Bing.
“Layover in Moscow” by Kat Bing.

Kat Bing is an illustrator, designer, and painter based out of Duarte. She utilizes bright square patterns to fill in the subjects of her works, usually human faces. Her illustrations appear cartoonish at first, but a closer look reveals potentially dark emotions under the surface. Her work is very much inspired by music, and she has used her skills to design concert posters, band shirts, and more.

Jim Pollock is a prolific photographer who has worked on a diverse roster of projects, ranging from advertising and fashion work to dog portraits and refined, sensual art pieces. If the poster for the show is any indication, his contribution to Vanity Pop will feature his edgier work. His style, inspired by fashion and glamour, meshes perfectly with the “Vanity Pop” theme. “Whether it’s people or product, indoor or outdoors, there will always be a touch of elegance and art in my work,” states Pollock on his website.

A sketch of Frida Kahlo by Steve Martinez.
A sketch of Frida Kahlo by Steve Martinez via @UGLARworks on Twitter.

Steve Martinez is best known as a member of UGLAR (Unified Group of Los Angeles Residents), a group of five LA-based muralists (and one writer) who have been working together for almost two decades. UGLAR’s recent projects include a mural in France, a pop-up show in London, and a contribution to the California Fire Foundation Gala painted by Martinez himself. Both his solo works and UGLAR collaborations create an otherworldly feel, featuring tangled patterns framing otherwise realistically painted subjects.

Vakseen recently participated in an art contest honoring the 19th anniversary of Tupak Shakur’s death. His piece was one of 20 chosen out of 3500 submissions celebrating the late rap icon, which lead to his work being featured on Complex and Vibe.

Spitz Studio City is located at 3737 Cahuenga Boulevard. The show is free to attend. RSVP on Facebook.