HOLLYWOOD─One would think by this point, Adam Newman would have learned that you cannot outdo the great Victor Newman people. I mean this war between father and son has been ongoing for years on “The Young and the Restless.” Every time Adam attempts to one-up dear ole dad, he ends up with egg on his face. I mean this guy has stolen/swapped babies, faked his death more than once, tried to kill his father by messing with his meds, was responsible for the death of a child and even blackmailed the woman whose daughter he killed.

I mean Adam, what the hell will it take for you to realize your father will always allow you to think you’ve gotten him right where you want him before he delivers the curveball you never witnessed coming. I mean just when the audience was starting to like Adam and Chelsea, they prove that a leopard can never change its spots. Why? Adam suspect Victor murdered AJ Montavlo and covered it up. Chelsea urged him to pursue the lead courtesy of his pal Alyssa from his childhood.

Yes, Chelsea is all in on this plan, and it seems Adam has gathered some evidence courtesy of his pal, there is just one slight problem people: this seems all too easy in my personal opinion. So what does that mean? It means either Victor did kill this AJ person or there is a misdirect in place; perhaps a secret from Adam’s past is about to surface that will leave him speechless to say the least.

Victor knows Adam is up to no good, as does Nick and Phyllis; that’s three enemies I seriously think Adam would not want to collaborate to take him and Chelsea down in the process. Adam wants the helm of Newman Enterprises for reasons I cannot fathom. It’s a family business, you might not lead it, but you’ll always have a part in buddy. I mean you have children, which means Victor wants to pass down a legacy to his grandkids. I’m eager for this war because there’s nothing like seeing ‘The Moustache’ pushed against the wall and come out on top.

From one family to the next, the Abbott clan is coming to grips that Dina’s time is running out and it’s brutal for Jack. He’s not bonding as much with Traci and Ashley instead he’s relying on Jill to be that listening ear. With that said, it looks like we could see some romance between Jack and Jill in the near future. If Dina wasn’t enough for Jack in terms of issues to worry about, this impending war between Kyle and Theo is building. It looks like Theo is looking to get the goods on Kyle to dethrone him from the top position at the family company.

He is doing it sneakily, but I wonder how Kyle, Summer and Lola will react to his deception. It might blow up in his face in a major way. With that said, Billy and Lily have started their partnership, but it seems to be off to a really rocky start people. Lily had ideas, Billy has ideas, but nothing seems to be clicking at the immediate moment. I really hope we’re not seeing a Billy and Lily love affair, because I just don’t see the chemistry there, but I could be wrong people.

Adam thinks he has leverage over Victor, Chelsea is on a high, which means we all know where this is headed: Adam is about to be so bamboozled when dear ole dad turns the tables on him. To be honest I am all for it. Adam has been caught, but he has NEVER really suffered the consequences for his actions so its long overdue. It is time for him to reap the transgressions of its past.