LOS ANGELES—The Los Angeles Police Department announced on its website on Thursday, June 2 that on June 1, they received notification from a federal law enforcement agency that a suspect stated he wanted to do a mass shooting in Los Angeles, while on a digital media chat.

Law enforcement resources revealed the address of the suspect which was in 77th Street Area. Officers and detectives assigned to 77th Street Area, conducted a follow-up to the 400 block of West Gage Avenue and arrested Victor Beltran, 20, at his home.

Beltran admitted to making the statements and a search of his home revealed there were no firearms at the location. He was booked for 422 PC (Criminal Threats) and is currently being housed at 77th Street Regional Jail Facility, with a bail of $50,000. This case will be presented to the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office for filing consideration.