HOLLYWOOD—November sweeps have kicked off on “The Young and the Restless” and things are happening in a major way with some intense drama thanks to a situation involving Chelsea nearly committing suicide. Chelsea was in a whirlwind after things with Johnny and Connor have been quite challenging on her mental state in recent weeks.

Billy and Adam are placed in an interesting predicament because it appears Adam is worried about Chelsea, who little does he know, tried to take her life on that rooftop, but Billy stopped her. Chelsea was rattled and Billy did his best to calm her nerves and it was some stellar acting from Melissa Claire Egan. I sense the writers are pushing the viewers into the direction of a Chelsea and Billy romance. Am I ok with that? Yes, because Billy has NO SPARKS whatsoever with Lily. Lily is starting to get jealous with Billy spending so much time with Chelsea, but it’s not the reason she thinks, but her jealousy will ruin the romance they’ve had over the past few months.

One would think Adam would focus his attention on Sally, who is waffling between her romance with Nick Newman, but Chelsea has been his worry and he’s asking anyone who will listen to give him the details on what happened between Billy and Chelsea on the rooftop, even Sharon. Sharon has promised to stay mum as she helps Chelsea battle her demons.

Nick is a bit peeved with his mother, Victor, Victoria and now Summer telling him who he can or cannot be with. Yeah, those people pushing the notion that Sally is bad news should take a look at themselves because they have done questionable things in the past as well. Speaking of Sally, she just got ousted from Newman Media by Victoria Newman who replaced her with Nate Hastings.

Ok, Victoria Newman is a damn idiot. Nate has no business savvy experience at all, and you’re gone to put the person who you have been secretly working behind the scenes with to take over Chancellor-Winters, and didn’t expect anyone to connect the dots? I was gleeful seeing Devon bust Nate and Victoria, and a war has been ignited. Family against family and former allies turned enemies. I just don’t understand Victoria’s logic; she is being very messy right now and it is soon going to catch up to her and blow up in her face in an epic way, one that I cannot wait to see unfold in the coming weeks. Devon read Victoria the riot act and there was nothing she could do, but sit there and look stupid because everything Devon said was 100 percent true.

You can say a lot about Sally, but at least had her own fashion house; she knows a bit about the business arena. Nate knows nothing people and Devon wants to get his revenge on his cousin for his duplicity and I would love to see it because it’s long overdue. Remember when we last discussed Elena leaving Genoa City, well she is back and it’s a direct result of her choosing not to accept that hospital position that was up for grabs.

Really? The writers are finally giving a storyline to Chance and Abby, who are as boring as paint drying. Devon and Abby are bonding and I will be honest I know those two have a bit of history, but I don’t want to see that pairing people, I just don’t see it clicking, but I guess the audience will have to wait and see what may or may not happen.

Diane and Phyllis are still at each other’s throats, just as it is becoming clearer to Kyle and Jack that Diane has secrets and they are starting to spill out America and she is clamoring. Ashley is continuing her dance with Tucker who wants to woo her, but if Ashley played her cards correctly she could get everything she needs to nail Diane from Tucker.

With Devon knowing that Victoria was attempting to poach his company from underneath him, will he share those details with dear ole dad, and how will Tucker navigate his own attempt to take his son’s company? Dicey, it looks like Devon is about to face a lot of betrayal which could explain him turning to Abby in his most vulnerable times.