YORKTOWN, VA—Footage of a teacher’s assistant wrapping a “Make America Great Again” flag around a student’s head during class at Tabb High School has gone viral on social media.

The video emerged on on March 2 on Facebook and is being investigated by the Virginia School District. In six second-long video, a teacher later identified by students of the school as special education para-educator Scherrhawn Brinkley, is shown wrapping a “Make America Great Again” flag around a student’s head during class on spirit week.

The Instagram account Uncle Sam’s Misguided Children which originally posted the recording alleges that the teacher tried to shove the flag down his shirt, call him a racist and sexist and attempted to take away his phone. The footage facing the teacher’s back, obscures exactly what occurred and you can hear laughter by students and a smile on the teachers face once the act was done.

The York County School Division confirmed they are aware of the video being circulated on social media depicting an interaction between a para-educator and a student at Tabb High School. The school reported receiving threatening phone calls on Wednesday, March 6, before noon in relation to the incident.

A modified lockdown was initiated at the school as a precaution, as well as a suspension of all after-school activities. The school district said it is working closely with the York-Poquoson Sheriff’s Office to investigate the calls. Additional deputies arrived to the school the same day and the day after as a precaution and to reassure parents.

“As staff continue to work with law enforcement, we would like to ask our community’s assistance in this matter as well,” said The York County School Division on their social media pages. “Please use this as an opportunity to talk as a family about the importance of reporting concerns and the dangers of using social media to create or advance rumors and misinformation related to this incident. School Board policy also recognizes that school time and school property should not be used for any political purposes. Employees are expected to refrain from engaging in any activity supporting or opposing a candidate or political party while on duty, while on school property during school hours, or while representing the school division. As such, we would like to assure our community that school and division administrators are continuing to review this personnel matter in accordance with division policies and procedures.”

Canyon News attempted to contact Principal Paul Rice regarding any dispensary actions taking place, but did not hear back before print.

“The [York County School] Division does not release information related to the status of an ongoing personnel matter,” said Public Relations and Communications Officer Katherine Goff to Canyon News. ”For security reasons, we will not provide further details regarding additional safety measures in place at the school.”