SAN FRANCISCO—On Thursday, August 6, a vigil was held in Rincon Park for the victims of a recent explosion in Lebanon.

The explosion occurred on Tuesday, August 4 at a warehouse in Lebanon’s capital: the port city of Beirut. Ammonium nitrate — that had been confiscated from a ship years ago — is believed to have blown up, causing the blast. Fireworks were also stored in the facility. Thus far, over 150 people have reportedly died as a result of the incident, and at least 6,000 more have been injured. 300,000 residents have also been left homeless.

Dozens of people gathered near Cupid’s Span in the park, some waving Lebanese flags. Others wrapped flags around themselves. The vast majority of attendees appeared to be wearing masks.

“I don’t know where my best friend is, I don’t know where her three-years-old daughter is, I don’t know that,” the organizer of the vigil said. 

The facade of the San Francisco City Hall was lit in the Lebanese flag’s colors. A flag also flew from the City Hall’s balcony. Additionally, flags of Lebanon have been raised outside homes.