MALIBU—The city of Malibu wants residents to partake in the city’s virtual public hearing during the Malibu City Council meeting on April 12 to take the survey about the city’s Wireless Communication Facility (WCF) ordinance update, ask questions and give their feedback.

“I hope everyone in Malibu will give their input so we can ensure that wireless facilities will meet the communications needs of the community while protecting neighborhood character, the environment and other priorities that residents identify,” said Mayor Mikke Pierson.

According to the city’s website, Malibu is updating its Wireless Communication Facility Ordinance that regulates the permitting of wireless facilities in public rights-of-way, establishes design and development standards, and standardizes permit conditions for wireless facilities in public rights-of-way. The ordinance aims to ensure the city maintains a balance of ensuring adequate wireless cellphone and internet access throughout the community while protecting the environment, public health and community character.

The code update is needed to bring the city’s ordinance into compliance with federal and state laws that have been enacted since the adoption of the original ordinance in 2003.

The survey’s goal for the city is to focus on outreach efforts and wants residents to take the survey which is available until April 5. The survey results will be presented to the Malibu City Council during its April 12 meeting.

During the April 12 hearing, the city council will consider the draft WCF ordinance update, and recommendations made by the Planning Commission during its March 1 public hearing. The Commission recommended the draft ordinance be approved as amended. The Commission’s recommendations are available to view on the website.

In advance of the City Council’s April 12 hearing, staff will present a proposal to map all WCFs in the city, with the associated costs, to the Administration and Finance Subcommittee.

City Council directed staff on January 11, 2021 to amend the agreements to include the mapping of existing wireless facilities in the city as part of Council’s review of the agreement for wireless application reviews.

The viewing and commenting instructions for the hearing, including a link to the survey and project background information are available on the project webpage at