BEVERLY HILLSMy name is “Ailayah”, and I don’t mean to brag, but I cause heads to turn when I’m out for my walks. Not only because of my looks, but because I have perfect leash manners – no pulling, and no walking from one side to the other smelling every tree and bush and blade of grass. 
I’m a Shepherd mix about three years old.  I’m good with children – although, older children would probably be best, as I’m a big girl.  I’m housebroken,  and everyone says that I’m very smart and very sweet.  I’m not a barker or jumper and I love, love, love to play fetch!!  So, it would be great if you had a yard where we could play every day!  However, I won’t limit my possibilities.  If you live in an apartment and will take me for a couple of walks a day, and then want to curl up on the couch to watch TV, I’d love to be right there beside you.  
I would be best as the only dog in the family, but if that’s my only so-called fault, all of my good traits certainly out weigh that one, don’t they?  So, I’m waiting for someone that wants me as their one and only.  I promise to be loving and loyal. 
My problem has been that I’m a little timid when I meet someone for the first time.  So, when you come to see me, please give me a chance to get to know you.  I won’t just run up to you and give you kisses like some that you’ve seen, but that doesn’t mean that I won’t make up for it once that I know you. I bet that you don’t run up to someone the first time that you meet them and give them kisses, do you?  All that I ask is to give me a chance, because I sure would love to have someone to call my own.
Now, if after all that I’ve told you I’m still not the one for you, I hope that you’ll check out:  You will see so many other wonderful and loving dogs and cats that would love to go home with you. However, I sure hope that there is someone that will come to see me.  Won’t you call for an appointment, please?
FRIENDS OF ANIMALS  310-479-5089