BEVERLY HILLS—My name is “Archie”, and I’m a little puppy just a few months old. So, I don’t have much to tell you about myself, except, that being a puppy, I’m very active and need a lot of training. That goes without saying! So, that means that I don’t know right from wrong, and have to be taught what I can and can’t do.  However, please do it with kindness and love, never any hitting or yelling.  That will only make me afraid of you, or aggressive.  I only know love right now, so, I want to keep it that way.

I was given to someone as a present, and she didn’t want me, so that’s why I’m here.  I’ve learned that we should never be given as a present to anyone.  No surprises, ever.  That isn’t allowed here at the Friends of Animals Foundation.  I know that for fact, as I can hear the telephone conversations.

When someone calls to make an appointment to see one of us, they are told to bring everyone in the family, including any dog, or dogs, that they may have, to see if everyone approves of us. No, you’re not required to bring any cat, or cats, that you have!  It really wouldn’t make much sense, would it?  Even if they did approve, they probably wouldn’t show it, anyway.  So, all of that would have to be worked out after we were brought to your home. I understand that cats and dogs sometimes end up sharing a bed – that is, when the cat is in the mood. I’m smart enough to know that they like their alone time – so, I won’t push it.  No problem there.

Now, back to me.  If you’ve had a puppy before, then you know what to expect.  If you haven’t, it’s best to read up on what to expect, as we’re very active, have to be housebroken and, as I said before, we have to be taught right from wrong – with love!

So, the next time that I go to a home, I want it to be forever!  If you think that I’m the one for you, won’t you please call for an appointment to see me?  If you feel that an older dog would be better, you can check out our website at:, and you will see all ages and sizes and all kinds of dogs.  Oh, yes, we have lots of kitty cats here of all ages that are waiting to be a part of a loving home, too.  So, please, don’t forget them.  We’re all waiting for that special person to call to see us.

FRIENDS OF ANIMALS (310)479-5089