BEVERLY HILLSMy name is Blondie, and I guess I was named Blondie, because – well, I’m blonde!  I was brought into the Friends of Animals Foundation a couple of months ago, very scared and shy, and with a broken leg. I was taken to the doctor right away, and he fixed me up. I had to wear a cast for a few weeks, but now I’m 100 percent okay.  I can go for walks and play with my friends, and I’m no longer shy and scared.  In other words, I’m ready to be adopted.  And, you know the saying, “blondes have more fun,” well…let’s have some fun!
Speaking of fun, if you’re planning a vacation, I hope that you’ll take me with you.  Just remember – never, ever leave me alone in the car.  It can get awfully hot in no time at all, and, besides that, someone could steal me, seeing that I’m such a cute little 10-pound blonde! Be sure to bring water for me, and give me a chance to stretch my legs and go potty every couple of hours.  Don’t let me stick my head out of the window of the car, no matter how much I beg, because something could fly into my eyes or ears, and then I’d be sorry, and so would you.  Instead, have a doggie seat for me in the back seat, and buckle me in, just in case.

 Always keep my collar on, and be sure there is a tag with your cell phone number on it, and the number of someone else, in case of emergency.  It’s also a good idea to have a tag that holds temporary information that can be changed at each stop. I know that you won’t let me out of your sight, but please use all of these tips, because I want to be sure to get back to you, in case of that emergency that could happen. Oh, don’t forget to bring some of my favorite toys and treats, and food that I’m used to eating, as I don’t want to get an upset tummy! One of my favorite blankets to snuggle on, would be nice, too.

 Be sure that when you make a reservation at a hotel or motel that it is pet friendly, and will let me come in with you.  You can go to websites such as and, and you’ll find lots of them.

 Now, let’s go and have some fun!  But, do you know what?  It would be awfully nice to just stay home with you.  I think that I’d like that a lot better. As, I forgot to tell you, that I’m still a puppy, not even a year old.
So, if you’d like a young, blonde to snuggle with, I’m the one for you!
Just in case I’m too young or too small for you, I have lots of friends here of all sizes and ages, and kitty cats, too, that you can see if you check our websites at and We’re all waiting!