BEVERLY HILLS—My name is Cookie and, okay, I’m not one of those cute little lap dogs. But, I do have a big, beautiful smile, don’t I? I’m a 6-year-old girl, that gets along great with grown-ups and kids, alike. I was part of a family that had 3-year-old twins, and there were never any problems with them at all.

However, I’m going to tell you right up front, that I was given up because there was another dog in the family. Well, I not only didn’t get along with that dog, but all other dogs that happened to come along. So, I have to be your one and only. I bet if I had some training, that might solve the situation, because I am really very smart.

Beside being smart, I do have lots of other good qualities. I’m not a barker, I don’t have any separation anxiety, I’m housebroken, I love taking walks, and I have great leash manners. I love to snuggle just like those little lap dogs do, as I’m very affectionate. I love to be loved, and to give and receive kisses. So, I hope someone will give me another chance. I’m just a big teddy bear with all two legged creatures, and I’d love to share a home with someone. So, won’t you please call to see me?

An anecdote by Edmund Fuller that I’d like to share with you: Thomas A. Edison was once reluctantly persuaded by his wife to attend one of the big social functions of the season in New York. At last the inventor managed to escape the crowd of people vying for his attention, and sat alone unnoticed in a corner. Edison kept looking at his watch with a resigned expression on his face. A friend edged near to him unnoticed and heard the inventor mutter to himself with a sigh, “If there were only a dog here!”

I think that we’ve all felt that way more than once. Right?

I hope that someone will call to see Cookie. However, if you’re the lap dog type, or a cat person, please check our website at: where you will find all types and sizes of wonderful dogs and cats that are waiting for loving homes.