BEVERLY HILLS—Hi, everyone!  Our names are Dax and Daisy, and we are 3-year-old German Shorthaired Pointers.  Don’t we make a great pair?  If we could stay together, that would be wonderful!  But, if necessary, we’re willing to be separated, if it means a loving home for each of us.

Seeing that we both can’t talk at once, Daisy said that I, Dax, could tell you our story.  So, here goes!  I get along with most dogs, I just don’t like them getting too close to my toys and other belongings, as I’m very possessive of them.  Daisy is fine with other dogs, and has no problem with sharing her belongings.  Other than that difference, we’re both the same.

We’re not barkers, we have no separation anxiety, we don’t chew or dig, and we’re house trained.   We would both prefer a home without children. Sorry about that!
For those of you familiar with our breed, you know that we’re very high energy, and need a lot of exercise to keep us happy. So, we would love to belong to someone that likes to run, jog or take long walksand we’d like to have a yard where we can run and play.  Also, it’s best if you have at least a six-foot fence, because we’re known to be great escape artists if we get bored!  Just a warning in advance!
Oh, yes, there’s one more difference in us: I have lots of spots on my body, and Daisy is mostly white with a couple of large brown markings.
I guess you’re wondering why we were given up.  Well, we were loved very much, but the person that we loved back had to move out of the country due to a work project.  So, that’s our story!
I hope so much that you will call to see us.  If we’re too high energy for you, we have plenty of other dogs here that are content to go for short walks and be couch potatoes, and don’t need any yard at all. So, be sure to check out our Web site at:  Oh, my gosh, I just got a text message from the kitty cats, that said to be sure to mention that they’re looking for loving homes, too!  So, please, don’t forget them, or I’ll really be in trouble!