BEVERLY HILLSMy name is Dexter, and I’m a 3-year-old little boy.  I’ve heard talk that I’m probably a MinPin/Doxie mix.  For those of you that don’t understand “dog speak”, that translates to mean that I’m probably a  mix of a Miniature Pinscher and a Dachshund.  I have the head of a MinPin and the body of a Doxie, which makes for a pretty cute combination, wouldn’t you say?

Oh, by the way, talking about “dog speak”, I really do speak!  Some people are sure that I’m saying “mamma, mamma, mamma”, others have their own interpretation. So, why don’t you come in and we’ll have a conversation, then we’ll see what you think.   I’m sure that you’ll find it interesting.
I was rescued from a home where I wasn’t treated very well.  No need to go into the details.  So, I would like to go into a home with no small children, as I’m afraid of them.  I had been afraid of some adults, too, but I’m getting much better now, as everyone here is so nice to me.  I love going for walks, and have made many doggie friends. If you would like a lap dog, I’m the one for you, as I weigh only about 10 pounds, so I would hardly make a dent!
I hope that you’ll call to make an appointment to see me so that we can have that conversation.  And who knows, you may find me so interesting that you’ll want to adopt me and make me part of your family. Then I’d really have something to talk about!
Note:  There have been so very many dogs and cats found with no identification.  Please be sure to keep a collar and tag on your pet at all times, and as added protection a micro-chip is a must have.  A collar and tag can come off, but a micro-chip is forever. Just be sure to keep all the information up to date if you move or have a new phone number.  Your pets depends on you, so don’t let them down.
Dexter just told me to be sure to remind you to come to see him, and you can see all of our other wonderful dogs and cats if you check out our website at
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