BEVERLY HILLSFirst of all, let me introduce you to my buddy and me. I’m the white miniature poodle, and my name is Frenchie. My friend is Cayenne, and we’re both little boys. I dare anyone to say that we’re not a cute pair! Sorry, if I sound egotistical, but I call it the way that I see it! 
We’re not blood relatives, but we’re definitely bonded, and want to stay together, forever. We’re both eleven years young, and we’re AKC registered.  However, that doesn’t mean that we’re any better than any of our friends here at the Friends of Animals Foundation. Our registered names are much too long for me to remember, or even pronounce, and we prefer to be called Frenchie and Cayenne, anyway, as we’re really down to earth and don’t want to put on any airs.
Cayenne said to tell you that he has a trick knee, which in medical terms is called a luxating patella (whew!). Which in plain English means that the knee cap slips out of it’s groove. It affects his right rear leg and it slips out so often that he’s learned to walk on three legs very well. I understand that a lot of us small breed dogs have that problem.
I guess you’re wondering what we are doing here waiting for a new home.  No, we weren’t abandoned, abused, found as strays, or given up because of money or housing reasons. It’s because the one that we loved so very much, and that loved us just as much in return, sadly passed away. Unfortunately, there was no one that could take care of us. But, as you can see, we manage to keep smiles on our faces! 
I’m sure that there is someone out there that will give the two of us a loving home. It’s so very important to us that we stay together. Won’t you please call to see us? 
If you aren’t able to take the two of us, be sure to check out our website at to see all of our doggie and kittie friends that are also waiting for loving homes.
FRIENDS OF ANIMALS (310)479-5089