BEVERLY HILLSMy name is Meeko, and I’ve been called a “handsome devil”! I guess that’s because of my full coat and bushy tail. Well, maybe I’m handsome; however, I’m far from being a devil, as I’m kind of shy, until I get to know you.  I was rescued along with my brother, Mikey, who, for some reason, didn’t seem to want his picture taken.  Well, he looks just like me, except that his coat isn’t quite as long as mine.
We’re 5-year-old Maine Coons. We’ve been neutered, and are FIV/FeLV negative. Did you know that the Maine Coon is the second most popular breed in America, and that our nickname is The Gentle Giant?
We really want to be adopted together, as we are used to snuggling together when we sleep.  Which, if you know anything at all about us cats, are a good many hours during the day and night.  If you talk to me, I’ll answer you in a kind of squeaky voice that will probably make you chuckle.  My brother and I have never been around children, so we would really like to be part of a quiet home with just grownups, and be your only ‘kids’.
There’s not much more to tell you about us, personally, so I’m going to tell you some interesting facts about all of us cats!  Did you know that our vision at close range is between 20/100 and 20/200, and that our ears can rotate 180 degrees, so that we can pinpoint and direct sounds into our ear canal?  I bet that you can’t do that!  They say that we can hear sounds four or five times farther away than you can!
Do you know why we rub up against you?  It’s because we feel safe when everything smells like we do.  Maybe we’re finicky in what we eat because we only have 473 taste buds, and you’re less finicky because you have about 9000.  However, would you believe that we have between 230 and 245 bones in our little body (bones fuse together as we get older), and you have only 206?  
Well, enough lessons for the day, and I hope that I taught you something that you didn’t know!  If you come in to see me, I’ll give you a private lesson, and I’ll introduce you to my brother, Mikey.  If you have any friends that would like to adopt a cat or dog, have them check out our websites at: and