BEVERLY HILLSI’m a little girl by the name of Nahla.  I’m a Shih Tzu mix, and was brought in with my best friend, Nilo, who is also a Shih Tzu.  I’m 6 years old and Nilo is 7, and we’ve been together since shortly after I was born, so we’re like brother and sister, and really want to be adopted together.

 We  were in pretty bad shape when we were brought in.  Our hair was long, dirty, and terribly matted, our teeth were in bad shape, and our nails were long. We were bathed and clipped, our teeth were cleaned, and we were given a ‘manicure’,  and we sure look and feel 100 percent better!
We get along with everyone people, dogs, cats and children.  We have no bad habits, and we’re housebroken.  All of the volunteers love to take us for walks, as they say that we’re so easy to walk, and look so cute walking together side by side. We are smart, easy going, and very affectionate.  So, no matter what or who you have in your family, we’ll fit in.  So, won’t you please call to see us?

 Note: A little story told by J. Emmet Black, Jr., that I love: “I called our hotel but the response was ‘I’m sorry, sir.  We’ve been booked up for months.’  With sudden inspiration, I called back….This time  I said, ‘Hello, this is Shana’s human…’ and this time the response was, ‘Oh, yes, sir.  Come on down.  We always have a room for you.’  It really puts you in your place when your dog can get a hotel room, and you can’t.”  The staff at a Holiday Inn knew his dog by name, but not him.  It seems that crime was reduced whenever Shana stayed there, as she’s a 120-pound Great Dane!
I hope that you’ll call to see Nahla and Nilo.  If you would like to see cute little Nilo, you can check our website at:  Or, better still, call for an appointment to come in to see these two little sweethearts in person. I guarantee that they will steal your heart!