BEVERLY HILLSMy name is “Riki”, and I’m a little boy thought to be about one year old.  I was a pretty timid when I was brought into the Friends of Animals Foundation, but I’m getting better every day.
I get along with the other dogs that are here, but would prefer to live in a home with no cats (sorry, about that!), and no children (sorry, about that, too!). 
I have to admit that I tend to guard my food and toys and bed.  But, if you know anything about Poodles, you know that we’re very smart. So, with some training, I’m sure that can be corrected in no time at all.
I’m already housetrained, but if you don’t want to go out after dark – and it’s getting darker earlier now –  I’ve been paper trained to take care of that part of it.
I love going for walks and being pampered, so, if you’d like to meet me, take me for a walk, and then pamper me for a little while – or longer, if you like – we may find that it’s hard to say good-bye!
In that case, – well, no, – you just can’t take me home with you, because all of us “kids” are delivered to our future homes so that they can be checked out to be sure that they are safe for us.  If you live in a house with a yard, it has to be fenced so that there is no way that we can get out.  The fence has to be high enough so that one of us can’t jump over it, and it can’t have any holes or other kinds of places that us little ones can crawl through.
We would never be adopted to anyone that would keep us in the yard all of the time.  Why have one of us if we can’t be part of the family and join in on all of the fun and the love?
Also, there can be no places in the house where we can get into trouble, such as cleaning supplies or medicine within our reach, or electrical cords that might seem inviting to chew on.  If any of these things need fixin’, they have to be fixed before we’re brought back to your home again.  FOAF is very protective of us, and we’re so very thankful for that.
So, if you feel that you’ll pass inspection after you fall in love with me or one of my buddies – that goes for the kitty cats, too – then won’t you call for an appointment to see us?  You can see all of us on our website, which is 
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