BEVERLY HILLSI’m sure that you’ll admit that we’re a pretty cute threesome!  My name is Maddie, and seeing that I’m the most outgoing of the bunch, I’ll do the talking.  Can you tell which one I am? That’s right, I’m the little girl on the right.  My sister, Gypsy, is on the left.  She’s a little shy, but she loves being held and cuddled.  Gypsy and I are acting as bookends for our brother, Finnegan.  His personality is kind of a mix of Gypsy’s and mine.  Not as outgoing as I am, and not as shy as Gypsy. 
We were born in February, and  being only a little over  two months old, we’re still puppies. So, if you’ve had a puppy before, you know what that means!  Lots of patience and training and love!  If you haven’t had a puppy before, then you better read up on what to expect. Maybe you’ll decide that an older dog is for you. Perhaps a teenager, or how about a senior dog? Not that I don’t want to be adopted, it’s just that I want you to know how many choices  you have, and what might be best for you. 
As I said, we need lots of training. But you can make it fun for both of us. Never, ever, any yelling or hitting if we do something wrong.   It’s best to keep the training lessons short, as being babies, we have short attention spans, and we get tired and need our nap times, many times during the day.  Maybe we could take an afternoon nap together!  That would be fun, wouldn’t it?
I hope that you’ll come to see us.  We’re still too young to go for walks, as we haven’t had all of our shots.  But, we’d love to sit on your lap and cuddle for a while!
Note: There are many excellent websites that tell all you could want to know about puppy raising.  One that I found is “The Puppy Dog Place”.  Another website to be sure to read is “Foods and plants that are toxic to pets”.  It is so very important to know which foods to never, ever, give your pet,  and which plants to keep out of their reach.
If your pet isn’t feeling well and won’t eat, you may try to give it baby food. Many baby foods contain onion powder, and onions, in any form, are toxic to pets. So, please, be sure to check the labels on anything other than food made especially for your pet, as many of them have some form of onion in them. 
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