BEVERLY HILLS—My name is Troy – and if you’re wondering why I have such a puzzled look on my face, I’ll tell you.  It’s because I’m wondering why my family would move to an apartment where I wasn’t allowed, and then just give me up.
 I’ve made a lot of friends since I’ve been here that have the same story to tell.  We all know that there are lots of places out there that would be happy to have us.  So, what’s the problem?  Well, I hate to say it, and I know that there are exceptions, but I guess our families just didn’t love us as much as we loved them, or they would have tried harder to find a place where we could all be together.
 Well, on to happier things, as I’m sure that there’s someone out there that will love me and make me part of their family, forever.  I’m a little boy, one and a half years old, and I weigh only about eight pounds.  I get along with dogs and cats and children, too.  I don’t have any bad habits at all. I don’t guard my things, I’m not aggressive in any way, I have no separation anxiety, and I’m housetrained.  So, if you’re ready for me, I’m sure ready for you!  Won’t you please call to see me – and my friends, too?
Note:  For anyone that has to move, please check the internet for apartments that allow pets. There are thousands, yes, thousands, out there.  Just search with the words: apartments that allow……..and up will pop: pets, cats, dogs, large dogs, big dogs, pit bulls, german shepherds, rottweillers, huskies.   To search a particular area, just search with the words: apartments that allow pets in……….. and type in the city that you want.  You can also search as to price range.  It’s that simple. So, on behalf of all of those wonderful dogs and cats out there, I’m begging you to please use every resource that you can to find a place that will take not only you, but also a very precious member of your family.  They depend on you, so don’t let them down – please!!!

 To see all of Troy’s friends, both dogs and cats, please check our website at:


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