BEVERLY HILLS—I wonder why I was named “Whiskey”!  Could it be because I look as though I’ve spent a “night on the town”?  Well, I was found wandering around the streets, so, who knows!
The man that found me and brought me into the Friends of Animals Foundation said that when he first saw me he thought that I was a big rat! Now, don’t get me wrong – I’m not prejudiced – I understand that rats make good pets – but, really!!
 So, let me set the record straight.  I am a dog, a terrier mix of some sort, a little boy about ten pounds, and thought to be less than a year old. I get along just fine with other dogs, and with children, too.  I’m not the least bit aggressive, love taking walks and playing with toys.
I sure would like to find someone, or have someone find me, that will love me, forever.  So, how about coming to see me and taking me for a walk. I want you to see how many heads I turn, and what a conversation starter I am. So, won’t you pick up the phone and make an appointment?
 Note: Speaking of phones, here are a few iPhone apps for pet owners: 
Pet Safe: A searchable database of plants harmful to dogs, cats, and horses, compiled by toxicologists from the ASPCA, and a direct link to the Animal Poison Control Center hotline. 
Pet Snap: If you have a hard time getting your pets to look at the camera when you want to take their picture, this app contains 32 different sounds to get their attention. You just have to turn up the volume on your phone, and snap away!
 Paw Trotter:  This is great for finding dog-friendly businesses, especially when traveling.  This app has more than 130,000 pet stores, dog-friendly hotels, veterinarians and dog parks.  The app uses the iPhones GPS to determine your location. Then it finds the business near you.  How easy is that?
Now, how about picking up that iPhone, or any other phone that you happen to have, and give a call to see Whiskey, or any of our other wonderful, and I do mean wonderful, dogs and cats that you can see on our website at:  We have so many that are waiting to be loved, and to give love back.
FRIENDS OF ANIMALS (310)479-5089