HOLLYWOOD—The premiere episode of “The Walking Dead” last week was full of surprises and ended on an epic cliffhanger. How so Maggie was in serious peril thanks to Negan refusing to help her. So ‘Acheron: Part 2’ picked up precisely where last week left off. The audience witnessed Maggie finding a way to maneuver out of that tricky spot, where for a second I thought she might have been a goner people. Yumiko was ready to leave the Commonwealth, until she was clued in that her brother was looking for her. She decided to stay, and so did Princess and Eugene. Daryl found himself in a bit of stress once Dog went missing and he went searching for him.

Yumiko decided to do a bit of reverse psychology on the interrogators at the Commonwealth and it was apparent she was getting underneath their skin in her quest to locate her brother. Princess and Eugene were worried about how things were going for Yumiko, which prompted Princess to devise a ruse to go to the restroom, just as Eugene made it crystal clear something was going on. Ugh that guy gets under my skin people.

Members of Daryl and Maggie’s crew managed to secure an abandoned subway train, where Negan liked being in a position of power, just as Father Gabriel and the others discovered Maggie knocking from underneath. She was rescued, but not before she delivered a vicious punch to Negan’s face revealing what he did. Negan pleaded his case for mercy, and did not apologize for his actions. It seems Negan is on a course for disaster, just as Alden attempted to rescue one of their own, but no one budged on opening that door.

Maggie was guilt driven, but it became crystal clear the sacrifice for one would be the betterment for everyone else. Damn that is brutal people, cold and heartless, because I just felt sorry for Maggie, but the fact that she turned that easy on someone (in her own group no less) makes me say, if she meets her maker so be it. Alden called out the others on their refusal to acknowledge what just transpired in front of their eyes, prompting Maggie to share a tale from the past.

That tale involved Maggie and Herschel encountering three deformed creatures when they went to the attic to investigate a thudding sound as they hunted for food. The walker had her arms and legs cut off, stitched up, eyes gouged, her throat ripped out; the details Maggie described let alone was gruesome to the core. Daryl you’re really going to extreme lengths to locate a dog, named Dog, I hope it doesn’t get you killed in the process. He located Dog who was really close to becoming walker meat people.

The walkers managed to breach the subway train which lead to a violent battle to take them out one-by-one, but the numbers became too big, however, Daryl emerged from behind and decided to take out a massive number of walkers, but he had to have more than one gun right? Daryl is the MVP of the night taking out a horde of walkers with a grenade.

Eugene found himself cornered and forced to spill his guts, which he did while crying in the process. He did snap at the very end which was fun to watch, but beyond that not much more was impactful. Eugene was taken by the Commonwealth to a place where he reunited with Princess, Yumiko and Ezekiel. So it seems like they just want people to spill their guts and when you do all seems well or at least that is what the audience is made to believe. So Eugene finally came face-to-face with that mystery woman he had been speaking to for weeks, and it put a smile on his face people, a bit one.

Maggie and her crew escaped the underground, but in the process they came face-to-face The Reapers people and they were brutal as hell in the process before the episode culminated. We’ve been teased a lot about the Reapers, now we finally get to see them in action and discover just how threatening they truly are. Can they be worse than the Saviors and the Whisperers? Guess we’ll have to wait and see America, until next Sunday “Walking Dead” lovers!