HOLLYWOOD—The end is near people on the AMC series “The Walking Dead.” The second part season finale of the three-part season 11 transpired Sunday night. Yes, I know it is quite confusing, I was lost about a few things as well, but here we are people. The final season has been broken up into three parts. This week’s episode, ‘Acts of God’ was an absolute dozy people, with a creepy opening involving a ton of walkers, what appeared to be locusts or flies swarming around the wicked Lance people.

Maggie was ready to journey, but Herschel (her son), wanted to tagalong, but mom was NOT going to allow that to happen and rightfully so. Max and Eugene have gotten much closer people. Daryl alerted Aaron and Gabriel that when a moment presents itself they have to take it against the Commonwealth. Seriously Maggie? What the hell are you thinking allowing your son to go on this dangerous journey? Ugh, I’m nervous people, I’m very nervous.

As I pointed out, Lance was utilizing Leah to take out Maggie, but would “The Walking Dead” really do that to fans this late in the game? It is very possible people, very possible. Also on the journey were Lydia and Elijah, who discovered Negan, his wife Annie and the others hiding out from the Commonwealth. So do we have a cease fire between Maggie and Negan as they align to take out Lance Hornsby, just as he made it clear that his wife Annie is pregnant and she must be protected at all costs, while Negan ensured to watch over Herschel; those two have come a long way since Negan brutally bashed Glenn to death back in season 7.

Daryl, Aaron and Gabriel stumbled upon a region of desolate vehicles that became the perfect opportunity for our three protagonists to stage their attack on the Commonwealth. Aaron was shot in the process and walkers dawned on the scene making the battle more risky. Daryl wanted answers about Hornsby who is up to no good people.

Pamela was unaware of the chaos that is unfolding behind the scenes. Max was very anxious about making that move that Eugene wanted her to make to find out more about the ‘people’ who have suddenly vanished. That involved her pulling a file, and she was startled by Sebastian, Pamela’s spoiled annoying child. Whew, I was seriously worried for a minute people. Leah and company let themselves inside The Hilltop, unaware that a trap had been set for them, leading to an explosive outcome. However, Maggie, Elijah, Lydia and Marco were caught off guard by Lydia, who delivered a fatal shot to Marco.

Members of the Commonwealth and Lance made their way to the Hilltop, just as the locusts started to increase in intensity. Lance was annoyed and I was happy people, just as Leah, decided to go off the script annoying Lance further. Daryl discovered that Leah was at large and warned Aaron and Gabriel, just as Maggie, Elijah and Lydia fended off walkers. Maggie did NOT want her allies in any danger and sent them away as she planned to take on Leah one-on-one people. Kelly, Connie, Max, Eugene and Magna discovered that people who have disappeared at the Commonwealth might be hidden somewhere. Connie was not willing to write about the missing people just yet, but planned to expose Sebastian and his doomed heist. Ezekiel soon joined the clan as the takedown of the Commonwealth seemed to be underway.

Maggie was on edge, not knowing where her enemy might be hiding out. As expected, Leah and Maggie came face-to-face, Maggie fired shots, but she didn’t catch her target, just as Leah managed to get the upper hand people. Daytime has broken, and Lance was still on the hunt for Leah, just as Leah was certain she had the edge on her opponent who was tied to a chair. Maggie gloated hoping to distract Leah as she untied her ropes and the ladies got into an epic fist fight, where cuts were made to both women’s bodies, punches were delivered and Leah put a brutal beating on Maggie, but not before a bullet was fired in her head by Daryl of all people! Yup, Daryl came to Maggie’s rescue right when she was on the edge of death.

Hmm, Daryl managed to get a bullet to graze the face of Lance, who was horrified to come face to face with a dead Leah. Lance it looks like your little plan blew up in your face buddy. Talk about a tease of things to come people, as it became apparent that the Commonwealth has taken over Alexandria, The Hilltop and Lance Hornsby has captured the people of the Oceanside. Ok, I have NOT been that high on season 11 of “The Walking Dead.” The first part I found slow, uneven and I was unsure where things were going, but this second part of the third part of this finale was epic and it is leading to some major uncertainty and I cannot wait till fall 2022. Until then “Walking Dead” fanatics!