HOLLYWOOD—This week’s episode of “The Walking Dead” was such a refresher, as it felt like the audience was being treated to a moving narrative that was clocking in on all cylinders. ‘Dead or Alive Or’ saw the viewers get back to the drama revolving around Carol, Morgan, Daryl, Maggie, Ezekiel, Rosita, Tara and the return to the Hilltop, which has been slightly MIA for a while.

Things kicked off with Daryl leading the pack for the remaining survivors to make their way back to The Hilltop. However, its apparent bad blood still exists between Tara and Dwight; I couldn’t help, but laugh seeing her toss that walker in his direction. Gabriel’s condition has gotten significantly worse, as his vision is leaving him more and more each day. However, his journey back to The Hilltop alongside, Dr. Carson seemed like a lost cause in the beginning.

Rosita informed Daryl that the group needed a breather, which only irked Tara more as her desire for vengeance started to consume her. Maggie was joined by Morgan and Carol who kept watchful eye of the little tot who murdered Gavin. Oh, yes, it seems vital that Morgan and Carol protect this kid from going down a very dark path, where things could get ugly if the truth about Gavin’s death comes to light.

The sight of Eugene boils my blood every time he shows up on the screen; the fact that he panders so much to Negan makes me suspect that his time may soon be up. I mean we can’t have heroes like Carl die, when losers and cowards like Eugene get the opportunity to keep living. It took me a moment to figure this out, but it seems Gabriel became ill right after he covered himself with walker guts while trapped in that trailer with Negan. The question I have to pose is why didn’t Negan also see similar side effects as well?

Tara’s worries started to rub off on the Alexandrians, and clear dissension was making itself present within the group. Gabriel stumbled upon antibiotics that may be the key to reversing his symptoms. Please let this be a miracle because if we lose this guy before Eugene meets the Grim Reaper, I will NOT be a happy camper. As Daryl and the rest of the Alexandrians ventured into the dangerous waters of the swamp, it was evident the walkers were waiting and ready to attack.

Yeah, Negan’s decision to prevent the Saviors from treading into those waters now makes perfect sense. Gregory is up to his scheming per usual, and thankfully Maggie didn’t buy what he was selling. I mean who in their right mind would even consider allowing the Saviors to have ‘time out’ of their prison to scheme? Um, no one! Back to the swamp, Rosita, Siddiq and Daryl ventured into the waters first, and they found plenty of surprises along the way, as the walkers were almost undetected in the waters.

Tara decided to make a bold move against Dwight, by actually making a move to eliminate the enemy. She seriously is out for blood, and when she fired that shot, it was apparent she meant business. Her plan to take out Dwight was interrupted by Saviors who were on the hunt. Well, Dr. Carson and Gabriel’s adventure took a turn for the worse, as Dr. Carson got caught in a bear trap just as a walker appeared from the shadows. Dr. Carson fought for his life, but Gabriel whose vision was scant at best, managed to rescue his pal by firing a shot with a blind eye.

Dwight might be a good guy after all. The fact that he sacrificed himself to protect Tara proves he wants to be a better person and take down an enemy whose quest for control will end mankind. Daryl was livid at Tara for her latest stunt involving Dwight and his return to the enemy. So much for a happy ending, because Gabriel and Dr. Carson found themselves captured by the Saviors, and when Dr. Carson attempted to make a move he was fatally shot.

At long last the gang is reunited, however, Carol, Maggie and Enid learned that Carl is no more and it left them shattered in pieces. With a more unified front together, it seems Negan’s mission to dismantle his opponent will not be as easy as he thinks. Siddiq bonded with Maggie and it seemed to bring a light to her eyes, when she learned that a doctor was in close quarters; one who could be on their side. Eugene was busy making bullets per Negan’s instruction.

Oh, it was such a treat to see Eugene cower in his boots when he saw Negan drag Father Gabriel back to camp. The more Eugene talked to Negan about Gabriel and his condition, it became apparent that a new idea was brewing in our villain’s mind; utilize the walker’s blood and guts as chemical warfare against Rick and the others. Maggie what the hell are you doing? Why are you even considering giving the enemy an opportunity to betray you?

The final moments of the episode saw Negan disclose his master plan to his minions, and Dwight looked horrified to say the least. Man, I cannot wait until next Sunday, cause the war brewing between Negan and Rick is about to reach a feverish pitch. So the question that remains is who will survive in the end? Until next week “Walking Dead” die hards!