HOLLYWOOD—This week’s episode of “The Walking Dead” had me screaming bloody mad. The series sure seemed to be upping the level of violence and disturbing content for season five, and episode three “Four Walls and a Roof” took things to new heights.

It became apparent that season five was not so much about finding sanctuary from the ‘walkers’ it was more about the humans doing battle with other humans. Our so called survivors have become hunters; its Rick and his crew against Gareth and his crew.

Last week, it became apparent that Gareth and his crew were out for blood and kidnapped Bob turning him into a tasty meal. What Gareth and the rest of the crew failed to realize that Bob had already been bitten by an infected zombie. To see Bob mock the crew who had been thinking they had won over him was worth every single second.

Guess what? Those who fed off his leg would soon be in terrible trouble. With Bob missing, Carol MIA and Beth no where to be found, the crew soon realized that they were being hunted and watched, so it became a fight to survive. Blood was indeed spilled and quite a bit of it to say the least.

They were worried to say the least, but when Bob returned to the doorstep in bad condition, Rick and the others united around him, even though Sasha and Tyrese knew their time with their loved one was indeed running out.

The gang have been adamant to learn the dark secret that Father Gabriel had been concealing were not too stunned to learn that he locked out his congregation when the walkers invaded the region resulting in the slaughter of many that he cared for. Abraham was not backing down about his choice to head to Washington D.C. without the rest of the crew, which unnerved Rick about staying a united front.

When Gareth and his crew arrived at the church, they were certain they gained the upper-hand, but Rick and his crew had other plans. To see Rick blow off Gareth’s fingers had to be a moment fans dreamed about.  He did his best to reason with Rick as to why his group became hunters, but Rick was not hearing one single bit as he launched his knife several times into Gareth’s face and head. Michonne was able to retrieve her warrior sword.

It was a bittersweet to witness Tyrese deliver the fatal stab wound to Bob’s head putting him out of his misery. With their mission complete, Abraham, his crew and several of Rick’s took the journey to D.C., with the bus they were able to fix. The final moments of the episode left audiences in a tizzy as Michonne and Father Gabriel heard rumblings in the woods.  As she went to inspect, she was surprised to come face-to-face with Darryl; it brought a smile to her face, but who was accompanying our protagonist. That is indeed the big mystery. Is it Carol or perhaps Beth? It seems Beth isn’t an option as the preview for next episode shows that Beth has been kidnapped by a mysterious party.

It looks like next Sunday can’t come sooner. Until then “Walking Dead” fanatics!