HOLLYWOOD—Last week, audiences discovered that Carol was traveling down a dark path on “The Walking Dead.” This week the threat of the Whisperers continued to resonate heavily on our survivors as the war between these groups continue to build. This week’s episode, ‘Silence the Whisperers’ is not what you think, but it proves a war is indeed coming. At the Hilltop, the crash of a tree on the wall placed the community in massive danger as walkers treaded towards the camp. Ezekiel looked like a deer in headlights as he grappled with the role of leader.

Back in Alexandria, Aaron was busy training Alexandrians to prepare for battle, as Lydia found herself being taunted by members of the community against her chagrin. Michonne tried to teach Judith the importance of not allowing a bully to dictate your actions. While journeying to the Hilltop, she spotted Ezekiel on a horse. Ezekiel was indeed in a dark place as he looked ready to jump off that bridge into the water. Michonne talked him down, before he planted a kiss on her. Yes, Michonne was taken aback by that kiss people.

The bond between Lydia and Negan continued to bond as she admitted she could no longer stand the bullying tactics continuing to be thrown her way. Daryl didn’t like the fact that these two were bonding. The tree falling on The Hilltop wall seriously placed the community in dire straits. Walkers dawned closer and closer to the camp.

Lydia fed up with the taunts decided to make a scene during lunch in Alexandria that upset Gage and Margaux, who were out for blood. They waited until night to attack Lydia where she suffered some nasty bruises and cuts, but Negan intervened rescuing her, but in the process killing Margaux. Look, I don’t love Negan, but I’m on his side in this fight. You had adults fighting a freaking kid, in my eyes Margaux got what she deserved.

Siddiq continued to be haunted from memories thanks to the Whisperers. While we’ve only gotten glimpses of the chaos, I would love to see what actually transpired in some sort of flashback sequence. Daryl did his best to comfort Lydia, who I can sense he feels like her protector. She stuck her neck out for Negan pointing out that he saved her life. Negan and Margaux danced around issues haunting them, where residents of Alexandria wanted Negan’s blood.

Magna and her crew battled walkers as they got way too close to camp, the wall collapsed and walkers were running rampant at the Hilltop. However, Michonne, Ezekiel, Father Gabriel, Judith and Eugene jumped into action to fend off the walkers. Michonne made it clear to Daryl that protecting Lydia is key to neutralize Alpha and The Whisperers. Michonne was on edge as she learned an incident transpired at Oceanside that needed her immediate attention. It became clear to the group that The Whisperers were responsible for all the chaos that has come their way. Eugene decided to stay at the Hilltop to help repair the fallen wall. Chaos erupted in Alexandria as Father Gabriel discovered that Negan has escaped his jail cell. Let’s just say we all know what happened, and I’m ok with it. If Negan stayed, he would have been a goner. Lydia shared her fears of attempting to blend into the community and felt safer in a jail cell than in the community.

The episode culminated with Daryl cleaning up the graffiti ‘Silence the Whisperers’ off property in the town, as Carol watched over from a distance. Looks like next week, Alpha continues to implement her plan to bring down our heroes, but she might find a few surprises along the way. Until next Sunday “Walking Dead” die-hards!