HOLLYWOOD—So for those “Walking Dead” fans hoping to learn just who was hiding in the woods with Daryl might have to wait just a bit longer. “Slabtown” gave audiences an in depth analysis of the big question everyone wanted to know, what happened to Beth? Well on Sunday we got our answer. Beth found herself being held captive inside a hospital in Atlanta.

While things might have seemed friendly at first, but Beth and the audience soon discover all is not as it seems. Just because you’ve been rescued doesn’t mean you’re not public enemy number one. These people are brutal and all play psychological games to advance their true motives.  I nearly had to turn my TV off seeing that scene where that arm was sliced off.

As new characters emerge, audiences might be thrilled to finally see Noah aka ‘the ironing king’ who befriends Beth. The two quickly build a bond as they make plans on how to escape their captors. I mean what stranger do you know who will take a beating to ensure that a new friend isn’t harmed? Not many people I know, but I have reason to believe that was all apart of Noah’s plan to begin with.

The top authority figure at the hospital, Dawn, proved to more of a five-letter word than audiences expected. Can you believe this woman truly believes she is saving the world with her actions? She did her best to try to break Beth, but it didn’t work as she planned. Beth is one tough Cookie and Dawn should watch her back.

Beth needed to play coy to get hold of the key for escape, but found herself at the mercy of Gorman, a pig who had only one thing on his mind. So what did Beth do? Clock him with a piece of glass before allowing a walker to literally rip his throat out.

Noah and Beth chose to make a run for it. That scene in the elevator was nerve-wrecking. While it appeared that both Noah and Beth would attain their freedom, it was Noah who escaped and never turned back. Beth found herself at the mercy of Dawn and the others. But that was not the most surprising moment of the episode; it was the final seconds when Beth saw Carol being reeled in on that stretcher into the hospital.

So is it safe to say this new group is looking to recruit ‘workers?’ It sure looks that way, so if Beth and Carol are held hostage, than whom the hell was that with Daryl. Oh, yes that is the big question we all want to know. I have a feeling the series plans to hold that question for awhile for audiences. Until next Sunday “Walking Dead” fans!