HOLLYWOOD—So last week audiences were introduced to a new face in Aaron, who informed the group that he was a friend. In ‘The Distance,’ Rick and the rest of the crew met Aaron, who became suspicious to most of the party.

He brought along photos for everyone to see to show that he was no threat, but Rick was not buying it and decided to deck Aaron in the face. Kinda gutsy and unnecessary if you ask me, which prompted Michionne to call out her friend on his actions. Michionne and Maggie took a stand against Rick in their effort TO LIVE and stop trying to survive. Let’s just say Rick was not the happiest person in this episode.

Abraham, Maggie, Rosita, Glenn and Michionne went on the hunt to prove Aaron’s tale to be legit and did indeed locate the RV. From a distance, they were being spied on by a member of Aaron’s crew. When they returned to the barn, Michionne made it crystal clear to Rick that they were going to venture to Aaron’s camp; it was not up for discussion. Hmm, do we have a new leader emerging?

The gang decided to venture out during the nighttime, just as Rick continued to put pressure on Aaron that he had no trouble taking his life if he discovered his actions was a set-up. The group split into two, with Rick, Michionne, Glenn and Aaron traveling along route 23 against Aaron’s wishes.

So what transpired, the group drove into a massive horde of zombie’s with their vehicle. Let’s just say it was one hell of a bloodbath that made it impossible for Glenn to see through the windshield. I felt like I was watching a scene from a horror movie, as the car stalled as the walkers slowly came close to dispatching our heroes.

It led to an all out battle, where Aaron fled, and Glenn chased after him. He almost became the latest tragedy, but the fearless Glenn viciously cracked the skull of a walker on a rock. A chase ensued, where Glenn took the high rode and rescued Aaron from being dispatched from a walker. The entire gang reunited where the audience was introduced to its first gay couple, when Aaron reunited with his beau Eric. This is an interesting development on the series, and weaved perfectly into the narrative.

Yet again, Rick was still apprehensive about trusting Aaron, but it seemed apparent his ENTIRE crew was fed up with Rick’s tactics. While on the road, Rosita pointed out to Abraham that they were fairly close to Washington D.C. as they got a glimpse of The White House.

As the crew arrived at the gate of Aaron’s ‘community,’ Rick was a bit hesitant to drive through, but Michionne guided him to move through, and just like that the episode ended. The big mystery heading into next week’s episode is rather the crew has finally found solitude and safety, or if a bloodbath is waiting for them behind the gate. Until next Sunday “Walking Dead” die-hards!