HOLLYWOOD—Last week I was delivered a blow as a fan of “The Walking Dead.” Why? We learned that the next two episodes would culminate in some fashion with the end of the character Rick Grimes. Considering this series has a HISTORY of killing off key characters, I can only imagine how the iconic character will meet his demise on the November 4 episode, but more on that later.

This week’s episode, ‘The Obliged’ saw more tension build between Rick and his crew. Things looked great for Rick, Michonne and Judith, but as viewers we were all aware that happiness would soon turn into sadness. Unable to sleep at night, Michonne went hunting for walkers to take out a bit of frustration. This seemed like a ritual for her; something she needed to do to bring balance to her life. Looks like The Hilltop might have a new leader in Jesus, who was concerned about Maggie’s frequent trips, this time to Alexandria.

The bridge that was just built might be a disaster waiting to transpire courtesy of Mother Nature’s wrath. Rick was afraid of things falling apart, especially with Carol returning to the Kingdom and leaving the Saviors to fend for themselves. When Rick got word that Maggie was headed to Alexandria, it worried him greatly, just as Daryl watched from a distance, he even offered a ride to his pal. Oh, this is going to be good because it’s no secret that Daryl and Maggie are in cahoots with taking out Negan.

I never expected a fist fight between Daryl and Rick to transpire, but it did in fact because of Negan of all people. Their stupidity left both guys trapped in a large dirt hole with no escape. Think before you act people! Negan is back, and it seems his refusal to eat has caused a bit of ire with Michonne. Hmm, why do I feel this is a ploy for him to unleash a new plan to ensure his escape?

Rick was stunned to learn from Daryl that Oceanside killed several Saviors. Yes, Rick an uprising has been happening underneath your nose. Daryl spoke a bit of truth that actually resonated with Rick; saving Negan may not be the actual key to ensuring a civilization where everyone works together. Negan shared with Michonne the backstory involving his wife’s demise, but I once again question if it’s the truth or if our villain was just weaving a tale for sympathy. Job well done Negan; you pushed Michonne’s buttons just as you planned.

Getting back to the good stuff. Anne aka Jadis tied up Gabriel as she unleashed an armless walker onto him. Considering that he is tied up, I have NO IDEA how he plans to defend himself. He begged for her forgiveness as the walker got closer to Gabriel’s face. She felt some emotion, right before she decided to suffocate him. He’s not dead, he’s just unconscious. Another battle was brewing back at the camp, as the Saviors managed to get their hands on guns. Carol was placed in an odd predicament, just as Jerry watched from a distance with gun in hand ready to strike. Daryl and Rick panicked when they heard gunfire erupt near the camp. Rick managed to escape the hole with Daryl’s help, just as Michonne attempted to write to deal with her emotions. Unable to deal with Negan’s words, Michonne returned with food and she wanted answers from her foe. Negan wanted to see Lucille and we all know Michonne recently used the weapon to take out a walker. Duh, it now makes sense why she was so rattled at the beginning of the episode.

Things got dire for Rick and Daryl as walkers tumbled into the dirt hole. It actually worked to their advantage as they utilized the walkers to climb to the top. Daryl was struggling, and Rick managed to save his pal from a bloody demise. Rick didn’t want to destroy the bridge, even though Daryl’s idea was brilliant to say the least. Gabriel awoke, but he found himself without Anne who decided she needed to abandon him to save herself.

The final moments of the episode was indeed a treat as Rick led a horde of walkers to a location where a startled horse, led to Rick being impaled on a pole, as two massive herds of walkers were just inches away from him. C’mon, this cannot be the way that Rick Grimes meets his maker America! Now that is what you call a cliffhanger America, jeez I have not been so excited for an episode that is not a mid-season or season finale in years. Next Sunday, it all ends for Rick Grimes and I’m desperate to see how it unfolds. Until next Sunday “Walking Dead” die-hards, it’s going to be epic!