HOLLYWOOD—The Jason mystery while not 100 percent solved on “General Hospital” has definitely opened more doors than expected. For starts, Patient 6 aka (Jason Morgan in my opinion) and Drew aka the guy who claims to be Jason Morgan have realized they are twin brothers! Yeah, the audience has known this for weeks, but the fact that these two are just coming to grips that they are bonded and shouldn’t see the other as a threat is a difficult pill to grasp to say the least.

Patient 6 is doing his best to warm up to Sam, but her heart is with the guy who came back into her life nearly 2 years ago. I mean they rebuilt their love, not to mention they have given birth to a baby girl. Making the situation more complicated is Sam having to talk with Danny about his father, and Liz trying to explain to Jake, about Jason’s twin brother; yes it’s very complicated stuff America. You all might be asking why this is of such importance; it’s because it all seems to connect with Valentin Cassadine people. He is Dr. Klein’s boss and it looks like his tight grip on the situation is getting looser by the minute. Sonny and Patient 6 are starting to close in, and this is a war I’m looking forward to seeing happen.

As long as I can remember, the Cassadine clan has NEVER went to battle with the mobster known as Sonny Corinthos, so you’re talking about two formidable foes looking to take out a threat to their loved ones. Sonny is already aware that Cesar Faison was responsible for Jason’s initial shooting 5 plus years ago and tossing him into the dock. Cesar was only acting on orders from Helena Cassadine who has since perished, or at least the audience is made to believe that. So the question remains when did Valentin get involved in this ruse and more importantly, WHY?

I’ll give it to Curtis, the guy knows how to get information on a person, and with him and Jordan closing in on Andre and what he is up to, I suspect viewers could see some long awaited answers this week or at the kick off of December regarding the big mystery of the hour. What does Valentin have to gain from keeping the real Jason Morgan hostage, or this twin twist from getting out in PC. Even more, what does Dr. Andre Maddox have to do with all of these and why did he keep up such a massive façade? I was floored to see Nelle attempt to blackmail Valentin (what a silly mistake on her part), and we’ll talk more about that later. Things got even more interesting when Valentin’s sister, Alexis blackmailed him into getting Olivia Jerome (yeah, she came to town on Valentin’s orders to become a threat to Anna), to recanting her statements against Julian.

Yes, Olivia’s attorney Nora Buchanan was utterly surprised by that admission, and even she now realizes she has been dancing with the Devil and it’s time to get out before it’s too late. This is all culminating in the first look at Oscar’s secretive mother, Dr. Kim Nero played by former Carly, Tamara Braun. Yes, Braun’s return to the show is so welcome. I love Laura Wright as Carly, but I have to say Tamara made that character her own and as a viewer it’s hard to think of Carly Corthinos-Jax and not think of this woman.

Oh, just seeing the interaction between Laura Wright and Tamara Braun during that Thanksgiving feast was amazing. And it looks like Kim might know Patient 6 or Drew people. We are still waiting to learn the identity of Oscar’s father. I do not believe it is Steve Burton’s character, but Drew, he could very well be Oscar’s father, and that presents another set of unexpected circumstances for a guy who past seemed to be wiped clean from him.

I said we’d return to the conversation of Nelle, and I meant it. Her world is crumbling and not in a good way. Put in a financial bind, she asked for a raise, only to find herself being fired by Nina, she then had another job lined up at General Hospital courtesy of Laura, but Lulu halted that from happening. So what is a woman to do? Leak a bit of dirt to a sleazy tabloid magazine. Nelle revealed that Ask Man Landers is not Nathan, but Amy. This puts Nathan and Amy in a bit of a pickle, not to mention that Maxie is pregnant! I did not see that plot twist coming so it will be interesting to see how this plays out in the coming weeks.

There is another thorn in Valentin’s side: Cassandra. His former flame is after him big time, she wants to rekindle what they had, but Valentin is not interested. He wants to help Anna and Finn bring down Cassandra, not just because she is up to no good, but he doesn’t want her interfering with his relationship with Nina. Speaking of Nina, she jokingly, but seriously let Cassandra know to back the hell off her hubby or else. Cassandra you might want to heed Nina’s warning; this woman will go to extreme lengths to get what she wants. So with so much turmoil transpiring in Port Charles, one can only wonder what other surprises are headed for “General Hospital.”