HOLLYWOOD—Who ever knew that the return of Adam Newman to “The Young and the Restless” would cause so much chaos? He first returned to town with amnesia, which I’m starting to suspect was a complete ruse. Why? Remember when Phyllis teased about knowing a Chancellor that Adam was seen with in Las Vegas? Yeah, that person was Chance, who has apparently fallen off the grid and is no longer the saint he used to be. Jill learned about it and contacted her grandson to see what was going on with his recent behavior.

I will admit this is indeed an interesting storyline arc America. On top of that, Adam and Chelsea are going to war. I mean come on writers, do not introduce a new character to immediately kill them off. Yes, Chelsea’s hubby Calvin croaked. Yes, I thought it was mysterious, but we came to learn his death was from natural causes. However, that did not stop Adam for attempting to pin Calvin’s murder on Chelsea of all people.

Wow, I thought this was the one great love of his life, but that is not the case at all America. The friction between these two could not be any thicker. Adam wants Connor, but Chelsea is not giving any tea on her son’s location. Well, let’s say Victor knows, but rather he shares that Intel with Adam is another story. Adam and Nick are still going to war in the custody battle for Christian. I know I’m going to get flack for this, but Adam is indeed Christian’s father. If it was my kid, I would be fighting like hell as well to reunite. However, I see Nick’s point; Adam intentionally changed the paternity results. He KNEW he was Christian’s father, and allowed his brother to raise him, so its karma people.

Making the situation worse is that Kevin is being forced to do Adam’s bidding to protect Chloe from going to jail. Adam gave Kevin an envelope of money to give to a judge to hopefully boost his chances in his custody case. However, Kevin informed Michael that he has plans in place to take down Adam. Guess what, Kevin is not the only person, because it feels like Rey, Sharon, Nick, Victoria, Chelsea and wait for it; Phyllis is also planning to take Adam down.

Adam you have a lot of enemies buddy, and I’m wondering right now, how you will fall from grace. Do I think Adam will see another attempt on his life? No, because it’s way too obvious, but if there is anyone who is coming after Adam, it’s Billy Abbott. The problem is Adam has NO IDEA how rattled Billy is right now and you can sense that he is spiraling, the memories of his daughter Delia is eating away at him, and it’s only a matter of time before Billy snaps.

In other Genoa City news, Rey learned that his mother Celeste is back dating their father. Yeah, Rey was NOT pleased, neither was Lola. With Lola and Kyle’s wedding impending, it feels like some fractures are about to take place courtesy of Celeste. This is the woman who for some reason couldn’t come to town when her daughter was near death, but she was able come to town for her wedding? Yeah, that does not make sense at all people.

Kyle is feeling the heat from Summer and Theo who are calling him a grandad. I feel this might push Kyle to fall back into his party, immature ways. We’ll see, rather he cheats on Lola, but that seems a bit too obvious in my opinion. I sense Lola’s father is going to crash this wedding and it will be a battle to the depths of the Earth for the Rosales clan. Until then, Adam Newman is front-and-center, but the question we all want answered is WHO will take him down?