HELLO AMERICA!—If you are addicted to “reality shows,” nearly daily we are fed with drama which pacifies this hunger for this need. The happenings in Washington make darn sure of that. The main characters: Donald Trump (President), First Lady, Melania, Robert Mueller, the investigative force checking on Russian involvement with the U.S. elections results, Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell, the southern, old hat controlling face for a South which still struggles against change, Lindsey Graham and Joe Kennedy, a bright, new energy with the glow of a family. He earned the respect and even a love from a generation of Americans who needed to believe in what the country was striving to become. These are a few of the main characters who plunge the reality drama into total, combustible happenings.

The current star who, of course, forces attitudes and changes rests in the lap of Trump, who is responsible for much of the division, anger and the political unrest that has invaded the nation. Because of this, there is an eruption of discontent in the Latino, Black and other groups of color in a big way. The idea that these groups will eventually be the dominating voting force in the nation terrifies those in control currently. As a result, those with big controlling bucks are doing whatever possible to deal with the inevitable. Millions of dollars are being hustled in the political game to support anyone who might share their view or philosophy of control. This campaign of dominance has resulted in some of the most inept men and women voted in office by their respective communities who are ignorant, uneducated, bigoted people who will eventually vote against their own best interest. After all, in no way are they are part of the “One Percent!”

The young people of the nation today have made the drama even more energized with their determination that their lives are in danger based on stupid laws which only enhance those who control how they should survive and maintain life itself. They are rising up against unnecessary possession of guns with no restrictions which might protect families, generally. The murders of 17 students and faculty at a Florida high school was too much to handle, resulted in students affecting a revolution which is currently spreading, not only across our nation, but throughout the world.

Millions of dollars are being sent to the effort of these young people who have made it clear that they have had enough. Washington has to be more representative of them and their needs for survival, especially in education.  After all, this is why they were sent to the Congress to protect the communities from which they come. Then, there are those who are determined to have the president impeached, voicing their belief he is the antithesis of everything this country struggles to be or become. Somehow, I hear the echo of Watergate!