HOLLYWOOD─I’m telling you only the NBC soap “Days of Our Lives” finds a way to deliver a twist or death that literally knocks the socks off of viewers. I know what many of you are guessing, who has had a date with the Grim Reaper this time. Well, it’s someone who already died, came back and ‘apparently’ has died again. It’s Vivian Alamain. Yes, this was a shock that I didn’t see coming because Vivian had just arrived back on the scene and she’s gone already. Vivian just learned that Jake was Stefan, than discovered he’s not her beloved Stefan, but his twin brother Jake, who no one knew about except Ivan.

Yeah, this was a whirlwind of a twist that didn’t blow my socks off because it seemed way too predictable in my personal opinion. You saw the Jake is the identical twin twist the moment he showed up on the scene. How else would they explain Stefan being alive when Julie had his heart beating inside her chest? The news stunned Gabi, Jake and Vivian. Gabi took the news better than I expected, but that doesn’t mean a love connection between the two is not possible, just a bit complicated.

However, like typical “Days” fashion, a twist was implemented with another twist. How so? Vivian is NOT dead she faked her death in hopes of getting out of those criminal charges she was facing. Hmm, so exactly what is Vivian and Ivan up to and who will be on the receiving end of whatever attack they have planned? Looks like Kate might be in the crosshairs people.

Gabi has to deal with Gwen locking her claws into Jake, especially now that she knows he is a DiMera. She only saw dollar signs, something that has annoyed Jake to say the least. So imagine the surprise when Jake asked Gabi to be his date to Claire and Ben’s wedding. Like I said, it has been wedding fever on “DOOL” since the start of the month, Lani & Eli, Steve & Kayla, Nicole & Eric, all with hiccups. This was the big one that delivered surprises.

I mean Ben was already on edge with the missing ring, the fiasco involving Ciara’s dress and now a weird dream involving his sister Jordan. What does the dream mean? Is Jordan still alive? It would be a fun twist America. However, that was not the case, there was a bomb placed at the church, and right after the I do’s were exchanged bombs went off. Ben and Ciara was separated and the Necktie Killer found himself kidnapped. Who could it be? I have my clues and I’m certain viewers will learn to in due time. Yes. It looks like his past has come back to haunt him, and while not many people know who the culprit is I have some ideas with Eduardo Hernandez and Eve Donovan returning the canvas, one of both could be culpable in the serial killer’s disappearance.

For so long, I thought Claire was culpable in all the shenanigans, but I now suspect that Ben’s kidnapper was working behind the scenes to cover their tracks and make Claire look crazy in the process. There is nothing worse than trying to prove your sanity when everyone thinks you’re insane. Very interested to see how this tale involving Ben and Ciara will play out, especially with viewers aware that Ciara will soon exit the canvas too America. Yes, so many characters, Rafe, Hope, Gabi and Ciara are all expected to exit the soap in the coming weeks, which means plenty of surprises for viewers.

We have to talk about Sami’s return because the woman did not disappoint. She traded barbs with nearly everyone in town, including her family. It was the Allie bomb that left Sami speechless and on a warpath. Sami wanted her daughter to raise the child, as everyone informed her it was Allie’s choice not hers. I mean when you have Nicole Walker, now Nicole Brady as the voice of reason, you know Sami has to take a hard look in the mirror people. Even Will was livid at his mother and her shenanigans people. Looks like Sami might be sticking around a bit as she gets entangled with Rafe and a few other Salemites.

Trust me Sami’s presence was well needed in Salem and with Allie sure to deliver her bundle of joy any day that will only heighten what happens next America. Stay tuned for the drama.