HOLLYWOOD—History was made on daytime television this week as a transgender character got married on the CBS soap “The Bold and the Beautiful.” I mean when the soap dropped the surprise a few months ago that Maya’s secret was that she was originally born a male, it left fans in a tizzy. I mean I don’t think anyone expected that revelation to occur. I will admit “Bold and Beautiful” does a fabulous job of delivering unexpected twists to viewers time and time again.

I mean, look what happened a few weeks ago with the untimely death of Aly Forrester. Yes, that is a plotline that is so juicy I can’t believe the soap has scraped things for the past week or so, but more on that later. When it comes to weddings on daytime television, nothing, and I mean nothing, ever goes as planned. While the wedding was intimate for Rick and Maya, her biggest concern was having her parent’s approval, particularly her father, Julius (portrayed by Obba Babatunde) who is wicked to the core.

This man called his daughter every horrible name in the book without even flinching a finger, not aware that his daughter heard every single thing he said about her. It was great television; Maya went after Julius, and Julius went for Maya. This is a guy who will NOT back down from a fight. I feel super uncomfortable for the Forrester clan and guests who had to sit enduring a battle between father and daughter, that no definitive winner in my opinion.

To see Maya call out her father for his antics was so heart-wrenching, to say the least. He didn’t want to be called out in front of an audience, but Maya was livid to see her father attempt to do everything in his power to masquerade how he truly felt about his daughter. I would argue it was one of those Emmy-winning moments. Actress Karla Mosely delivered an exceptional amount of range and composure during a difficult scene. After that blowout, I seriously had to question, how in the hell would Rick, Maya and their guests celebrate a wedding knowing what had just transpired moments earlier? Well this is television, so all can be smoothed over in due time.

To see Julius share the tale of how his father rose to the top and that he named his son after that man was beyond heartbreaking; it sorta gave the audience another dimension to this character who we thought was simply a jack***. He has attempted to grapple with his daughter’s lifestyle, but had no idea exactly how to adjust to it. When Julius found himself ready to exit the canvas, he thought his wife Vivian (portrayed by Anna Marie Horsford) would stand by his side, oh, he was wrong.

She stood by Maya once and for all in her time of need. Kudos to Vivian for showing her husband, that while Myron may be no more, Maya is still indeed their child and that’s not something he can just throw away without looking back. To see her admit to her faults and let her husband know what he said to his daughter was absolute hate, led to tears in my eyes.

We did get a brief break from the wedding as Steffy confessed to Thomas that she did in fact strike Aly with that tire iron, resulting in her falling on that rock and breaking her neck. Thomas was adamant in making it clear that his sister couldn’t confess the truth to the police. Ivy was busy ranting to Wyatt about how she can’t comprehend why Steffy hasn’t confessed the truth to authorities. Guess what Ivy, simply provide the police with the evidence and expect World War III to explode at Forrester Creations.

Why do I suspect that Ivy will use this information to her advantage? It’s kind of fun to see Ivy cross over to the dark side. I mean, did Thomas seriously think confronting Ivy about Steffy would leave his cousin shaking in her boots? Not quite. Steffy made threats to Wyatt regarding Ivy’s employment opportunities at Forrester Creations, and Thomas should have left things alone.

When he continued to push, Ivy showed him video of Steffy whacking Aly with the tire iron leading to her death. Yep, it’s no longer one person grappling with the truth, now four people know what transpired. That means I expect the shocking truth to surface during November sweeps, and hell will break loose. “The Bold and the Beautiful” airs weekdays on CBS at 1:30 p.m.