HOLLYWOOD—Love is indeed in the air in Salem, but utter mayhem is a better way to describe things on “Days of Our Lives.” The big news of the hour was the wedding fallout for Eli and Lani. Lani was reeling with the thought of having to sever things with Eli thanks to Gabi. Yes, Gabi hasn’t been able to get over the death of Stefan, nor should she considering how it could have been prevented.

Gabi seemed like all was good in her decision to grant Stefan’s heart to Julie. However, Gabi had bigger plans; she planned to threaten Julie’s life if Lani doesn’t do what she planned. Everyone in Lani’s orbit could see that she was stressed, but they couldn’t pinpoint exactly why. Lani and Eli were about to tie the knot, but Gabi with her scheming heart live-streamed the wedding for Julie so that she could see her grandson’s heart break into a million pieces.

No one could totally understand why Lani made the decision she made, but it was the fireworks after shattering Eli’s heart that should have screamed wonders to the world. Why? Lani delivered an epic punch to Gabi’s face. Good luck ladies on explaining what has actually transpired to the world. There is a bit of a story becoming much bigger than what it should be involving Ciara, Ben and Jordan. Jordan is off her rocker, just as much as her brother. She poisoned a cupcake meant for Ciara, but Rafe ended up eating it. He was hospitalized, Jordan was confronted by JJ, who she knocked out cold, just as the hunt for Jordan became front-and-center in Salem.

Rafe knows she’s dangerous, so does Ciara, Ben, JJ and a host of others people. Jordan has skipped town, leaving David behind, but planned vengeance would be felt, and with this impending time jump expected to shake the world of Salem as we know it, I’m eager to see what will become of many of our favorite characters. Back to the wedding mayhem, Justin and Adrienne tied the knot without any hiccups, I mean did we really expect otherwise, these two have nothing going on story wise.

Onto the next big wedding, that left many in Salem aghast. Jack and Jennifer were ready to recommit to their love now that his memory has returned, but Jennifer poked her nose in places where they didn’t belong. How so? Everyone in town is aware that Hope is not herself, um, because she’s not people, she’s Princess Gina under Dr. Rolf’s spell. He wanted her to retrieve his flash drive that Jennifer had in her possession with plenty of his secrets stored. Gina was tasked at retrieving that device, which she did, but in the process it meant pushing Jennifer off a balcony to her death.

Did Jennifer die? Not quite, but she is indeed in a coma people, just as a vast majority witnessed her fall from a distance. Hmm, why didn’t anyone attempt to break Jennifer’s fall instead of just watching in horror? So JJ, Jack and the others are rallying around her loved one hoping for her to wake up, as they search for the culprit, who is literally right underneath their nose. Oh, and speaking of Rolf, he seems to be under the leadership of a male who is calling the shots. The audience has no idea who that individual is, but if they’re bringing someone back form the dead and it’s Stefano DiMera it will be epic TV, but considering the great Joseph Mascalo has died, it is not going to be the same witnessing someone take on that epic role. There is a reason “Days of Our Lives” continues to win in my book: the soap is not afraid to push the envelope and surprise audiences week after week.