HOLLYWOOD—He has been exposed at last on “Days of Our Lives.” I’m referring to the bald one, Konstantin, who was solely after Victor Kiriakis’ money and was using Maggie, Theresa, John Black and anyone who could help him at the time being. It was utter mayhem as Konstantin was livid to learn he was hoodwinked by Maggie and company. However, he spilled tea and plenty of it, about him being the person who tampered with Victor’s plane leading to his demise.

It was a bit much for Maggie which led to her fainting as Konstantin railed about all the evil deeds that Victor did during his lifetime. Konstantin thought he had the upper hand with John being ‘The Pawn,’ but John was pointing the gun at Konstantin, who snapped when the opportunity to escape arose. However, he had a prisoner who was fitting for the dynamics playing out in Theresa. Yes, Konstantin started to sing like a canary and dropped the bomb that Alex was NOT Victor’s son. That blew Alex’s mind, but Theresa tried to ensure him not to listen to what he was just told.

Sorry Theresa, it is too late, once a bomb like that is dropped you cannot just unhear it. Konstantin was about to reveal who his accomplice was in the kidnapping of Victoria, but Theresa elbowed him allowing a scuffle to unfold, and bullets were fired. This time it was Xander who placed the fatal bullet into Konstantin, who’s final words uttered that a traitor was still amongst them. Xander’s brain went into cooking mode, as it appears Theresa’s world will come crashing down once the truth comes out regarding her role in the kidnapping and more importantly the changing of Victor’s will to make Alex appear as the heir and not Xander.

This is only worse for Theresa because she just slept with Brady and she secretly wants to be with him, but that is NOT going to happen once he learns what she did. Making matters worse this could push Brady directly into Kristen’s arms yet again. Why? Alex and Kristen are dunzo, just as Alex realized Theresa is the woman he wants to be with. Talk about being messy, this is beyond messy.

At long last, Clyde is in police custody again, this time with the FBI, but will it stick. After a tense standoff involving Harris, Ava and Chad, Clyde dropped a bomb I didn’t expect, but I sort of did, telling Chad who was ready to pull the trigger that Abigail is alive! Now, the viewers saw Abigail die, but again this is Salem where crazy twists in stories have transpired. So if Abigail is NOT dead, where the hell has she been for the past two years?

I am still trying to figure out when the other shoe will drop as it relates to Harris, who audiences know his portrayer Steve Burton is currently on “General Hospital” and Harris is slated to leave Salem in the very, very near future. With that said, Sloan returned to town and was punched by Nicole in the process. Nicole wanted blood, so did Eric, but EJ he had to play ball otherwise the truth about Eric being Jude’s father would come out.

EJ bartering deals with Leo and Melinda will only haunt you in the long run, especially considering that Rafe knows Melinda lied about the baby. He can’t do anything about that as he’s trying to get Gabi sprung from prison, as evidence surfaced pointing to Gil, Clyde or someone else framing her for Li’s murder. Stefan and Kristen are aligning to go after EJ which opens the major question who will learn about his duplicity as it relates to Nicole’s baby first and how will they use that information.